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bow string jumps bottom string stop
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From: D.U.O.F
The top one wore out and tore. Got 2 new ones. Replaced top tore one, left bottom wore one on. Is this a timing issue or just need to replace bottom stopper also? I also just got new string & cables on her. 2011 Bear Mauler.

From: itshot

From: Coyote 65
itshot, glad you clarified that.


From: Thumper
What's a string stop?

From: Shuteye
My sleeve if I don't wear an arm guard.


Spike Bull 's Link
DUOF, first make sure the bow is properly tuned after new strings, especially the yokes, then position the string stops accordingly. They should have just a tad of daylight between the string and the bumper at rest and should be aligned so the string hits them centered in the rubber catch area.

From: Gray Ghost
In response to the question, have someone look at your cams when you are at full draw. The cams should be parallel with the riser, or very close. If not, you may have a bent or worn cam axle or bushing, or a tweaked limb. Both conditions will cause wild string oscillations upon recoil, which may cause the string to jump the stop.


From: SB
My "string stops" are the limbs. Never had a problem! (Couldn't resist!)

From: Iktomi

Iktomi's embedded Photo
Iktomi's embedded Photo
Damn, I'm confused. I have looked my bow over for an hour and I can't find any string stops, yokes, cams, or axles. Am I doing something wrong? ;-)

From: Annony Mouse
Rick...same here.

From: D.U.O.F
Thanks all. Spike Bull: I changed the bottom one and it stopped. The top one has roughly 1/16th" & bottom one 1/32nd" (rough estimate as feeler gauges don't fit there) but obvious difference. Bow has been cared for, set up at reputable shop, NEVER dry fired, arrow slipped, nothing. Dead accurate and quiet so, it's just odd that a new rubber piece now catches it.

Yes, I put this in the wrong place. I'm new. I get the jokes. I'm liking my new to me Tomahawk Diamond SS more & more, and have my eye on a Bear lefty recurve here in classifieds.

Glad you were able to fix it, DUOF! Good hunting!

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