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Great Day for NCAA Football & PGA Golf
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Solo 02-Dec-17
From: Solo
It’s a nasty 43°F, windy and rainy day out here in the Great Northwest today. It makes for a perfect day for kickin’ back in a nice warm home and watching sports on TV.

As predicted, Oklahoma beat TCU to win the Big 12 championship by a good margin, and UCF took the ACC championship in double OT over Memphis. And now, in the biggest game of the day, Georgia and Auburn battle it out for the SEC crown with a lot at stake riding on these results. And Georgia isn’t likely to come out on top, IMO.

And thru it all, Tiger Woods is 4 over so far for today’s round, dropping from 5th to 11th place in the Hero World Challenge on a beautiful (but windy) day in the Bahamas.

Although Hero motorcycles are far from being anywhere near ‘competitive’ on the racing circuit, I really like their commercial. I bet the commercial alone tacked on a good 20-30 hp on that little puppy… ;^)

Y’all have a great day….

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