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NCAA Bowl Contest
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Whitey 05-Dec-17
From: Whitey
Thought this might be fun with so many strong opinions on this site to settle who is the smartest most handsome best all around guy in the community .

The rules I picked 10 bowl games pick a winner in each bowl game . The tie breaker will be pick the national championship game, the winner and the winning score The entry fee : donate $1 to $5 per game to any stranger before Christmas. You can hand $10 to a homeless person or buy coffee for the people in line behind you , go to a church and drop $50 in the collection basket . The only thing that matters is you do something for a stranger face to face not online or via the mail. Honor system.

The winner gets bragging rights nothing else.

Rose Bowl semifinal, No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Georgia, Jan. 1

Cotton Bowl, No. 5 Ohio State vs. No. 8 USC, Dec. 29

Sugar Bowl semifinal, No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 4 Alabama, Jan. 1

Peach Bowl, No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 12 UCF, Jan. 1

Fiesta Bowl: No. 9 Penn State vs. No. 11 Washington, Dec. 30

Alamo Bowl: No. 13 Stanford vs. No. 15 TCU, Dec. 28

Citrus Bowl: No. 14 Notre Dame vs. No. 17 LSU, Jan. 1

Camping World Bowl: No. 19 Oklahoma State vs. No. 22 Virginia Tech, Dec. 28

Holiday Bowl: No. 16 Michigan State vs. No. 18 Washington State, Dec. 28

Orange Bowl: No. 10 Miami vs. No. 6 Wisconsin, Dec. 30

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Tiebreak OK/Clem. OK 27-17

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