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Obama: meat puppet!
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"A Further Perspective

Obama’s Legacy of Bureaucratic Rot: Peter Strzok Melissa Mackenzie December 6, 2017, 12:46 am

To reiterate: Special Counsel Mueller’s politically motivated witch-hunt needs to be shut down

When the IRS, EPA, and various other agencies targeted a Houston Tea Party activist, it was pretty clear that the Obama administration had unleashed their many hounds to intimidate and harass political enemies. She and her husband were visited at their place of business, hauled in for questioning, needed expensive legal representation, and basically persecuted and found completely compliant with the law. She wasn’t alone in her suffering. Many activists across America, some journalists unfriendly to the administration, and some conservative institutions faced the same oppression.

The Obama administration, that is President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the rest of their minions throughout the government used the government for personal purposes politically and to enrich themselves financially. They thought that they were going to win the 2016 Presidential election and so used all branches of government for their own purposes with impunity. Who was going to stop them? Really, who wanted to stop them? No one. The bureaucracy is overwhelmingly Democrat and so the hive mind worked with one, joyful accord.

Why wouldn’t the bureaucracy continue to work together to ensure that Donald Trump never became president? That’s the question. It’s not, “How could they?!” It is, “Why wouldn’t they?” It’s what they were used to doing and it’s what they got away with for eight years.

Why wouldn’t the Clinton folks, through the DNC, hire Fusion GPS to gather “opposition research” to disseminate not only among the media but within the government to give the research an air of credibility? And why wouldn’t Hillary Clinton’s people use a certain agent like Peter Strzok to get the dirty work done? He was compromised by his personal lack of ethics. No doubt, they knew all about Mr. Strzok and his affair and how he was useful.

And Strzok was useful. Investigations dropped, wording softened, political loyalties confirmed. He was perfect.

Does this sound like a script for Mission Impossible? It’s not. This sort of situation happens when one party controls everything and when the bureaucracy is ideologically aligned with that party.

Who would ever find out, anyway? That’s what the Clinton and Obama folks thought. That’s what James Comey thought until a day ago. That may be what Mueller is still thinking. Hillary Clinton would get elected to office. The typical sycophants would be running and covering for the typical things and no voter would be the wiser.

Voters are now wiser.

Agent Strzok interviewed Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills and gave them immunity. No charges of obstruction of justice or lying.

Agent Strzok softened the language James Comey used to describe Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds (not crimes.)

Agent Strzok oversaw the Clinton email saga.

Agent Strzok was assigned the Trump-Russia collusion case.

Agent Strzok interviewed Mike Flynn without Mike Flynn knowing about it, evidently.

Agent Strzok texted his lover in the Securities and Exchange Commission that he hated Trump. We don’t know exactly what he said because that hasn’t been revealed yet.

So the Agent in charge of the Clinton email fiasco is also the agent involved in the made-up Russia collusion fiasco. But there is no “Deep State” and the FBI is above reproach.

Steve Baldwin, writing for The American Spectator, suggested that the FBI be abolished. They are acting above and outside the law, unaccountable to no one. The notion seemed silly, but with each passing day, it’s clear that the FBI’s power is limitless and the temptation to wield it as a political cudgel too inviting. The Obama administration was comfortable using the investigative arm of the executive branch for political reasons.

The Timeline

The DNC paid Fusion GPS for opposition research on Trump. April, 2016 – October, 2016, right before the election.

Fusion GPS paid British agent Steele. April, 2016.

Agent Strzok interviews Hillary Clinton. July 2, 2016.

Agent Strzok assigned to the Russia collusion case (vague). July 2016, after the conclusion of the Clinton probe.

The dossier was shopped to the media for months.

No media published it but Mother Jones alluded to the explosive claims right before the November election.

The dossier was given to Senator John McCain.

Senator McCain gave the dossier to the FBI. December, 2016

Word was leaked about it and Buzzfeed published an uncorroborated document. January 10, 2017

Agent Strzok interviews Michael Flynn. January 24, 2017.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Fired, January 31, 2017.

AG Sessions recuses himself. March 2, 2017

Comey is fired. May 9th, 2017

Deputy AG Rosenstein appoints Special Counsel Mueller who just happens to be James Comey’s mentor. May 17, 2017

Mueller removes Agent Strzok from investigation August 16, 2017.

Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI. December 1, 2017.

The Consequences

The Russians couldn’t have hoped for a more helpful outcome. Clinton, Obama, and their administration shrouded the next President’s first year in office with doubt. The media has chased the story and the Left has been consumed with conspiracy theories alleging that Donald Trump is an agent of the Russian government. In so doing, the Democrats have sown confusion and instability, thus achieving Russian ends even though none of the allegations are true.

Meanwhile, as Trump notes, Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI, as did her assistants, and they received immunity. Michael Flynn is going broke defending himself over what looks like a process violation.

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In this way, the Russian and Democrat aims aligned. Democrats and the media caused the hysteria so the Republicans achieved fewer legislative achievements, Trump was robbed of the momentum to govern, and the bureaucracy remained entrenched and empowered.

This all started with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s corruption and it’s all ending with them, too. Their hold on the bureaucracy and the bureaucracy’s willingness to help them because they agree politically has caused a D.C.-wide institutional crisis. The FBI, DOJ, IRS, EPA, and every other agency was used against citizens to achieve political ends.

It looks now that it was used against the Republican political candidate Donald Trump, and then President-elect Donald Trump.

Mueller needs to be fired and every agency needs to be downsized with every single worker writing a defense for his or her job. The government is out of control, or rather, it’s still in Barack Obama’s control. That’s a problem. It’s un-American and it’s anti-democratic."


From: Woods Walker
I agree spike, but until people see that the integrity of the FBI and a good chunk of ALL the Federal government has been destroyed it will do no good. The deep state is now THE state. This mockery of justice shows it plain as day. It goes from illegal aliens ignoring the laws they wish and being REWARDED for it, no less punished, to Hillary giving us the finger by destroying subpoenaed evidence with not even a glance by the FBI who chose to NOT do anything about it!!!

From: South Farm
Your forgot to mention that the Obama puppet only fits the LEFT hand..

From: Woods Walker
That's the only hand it's made in.

Look closely and you will see that Obama, Clinton, and several others have two left hands!

From: slade

Isn't this the nickname Barrack uses for Mouchelle?

From: Woods Walker
Uh...I think that may be the other way around.....Mooch got JUNK!

From: HDE
I don't know about a meat puppet, but I do know he is a meat head.

From: HA/KS
"The bureaucracy is overwhelmingly Democrat"

Easy solution

You work for the government or live in D. C, you cannot belong to a union, vote, donate to any political cause, or run for office.

From: Jim Moore
"You work for the government or live in D. C, you cannot belong to a union, vote, donate to any political cause, or run for office."

From your lips to gods ears, Henry. Unfortunately, government unions are really pretty powerful and largely left-leaning. Reagan took the wind out of their sails a bit with the firing of air traffic controllers. I do beleive that Gov't unions cannot strike anymore, but they can still bollocks up the works by standing behind lefty politicians with donations and what-not.

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