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From: slade

From: Michael
All I got is wow!

These 'parents' should be very very proud! ... and we wonder why our society is so screwed up ..... NO MORALITY ..... kids today learn to much from 'social media' that they shouldn't know about till Years Later (if even then) ..... lack of good parenting and immoral behavior IS causing a lot of America's problems! ..... jmho

Couldn't watch it all. You are correct, Headhunter.

From: BC
Not surprised at all. Read the New Testament, book of Romans. It's all there.

From: Tiger-Eye
But if I say that word in front of them as a coach, scout leader or other mentor, bet your bippy that Mom would have my arse up on charge in a minute.


From: Owl
I was in the Book of Isaiah this morning. It's there, too. In fact, it was difficult to mentally keep Judah in the text. The moral deprivations were so very current and "local." Feminism is a lie, canon in the theological doctrine of humanism.

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