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Toyota MAGA THE DON keeps on winning
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Huntcell 09-Jan-18
slade 09-Jan-18
Shuteye 09-Jan-18
Huntcell 10-Jan-18
From: Huntcell

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Toyota plans a new plant in Alabama with up to 4,000 employees.

And plans To reduce previous announced expansion in Mexico.

Right out of Donald’s Make America Great Again playbook. He has a bigger Legacy in less than a year than some Prez had in 8.

From: slade
I watched them build the Hyundai plant outside of Montgomery and got to see how the just in time MFG was going to work with parts and assemblies coming from the surrounding communities was supposed to work.

Huntsville and the surrounding communities are going to prosper.

From: Shuteye
If people don't check in on Twitter, the Bowsite, et al, they have no idea what is going on. Millions believe what they see on the alphabet channels.

From: Huntcell

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Samsung to add another 1,000 employees to there 20,000 US employee base.

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