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NY mayor suing oil companies- weather
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Beendare 12-Jan-18
HDE 12-Jan-18
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Tiger eye 12-Jan-18
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DL 12-Jan-18
NvaGvUp 12-Jan-18
From: Beendare

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Oh my....the liberal thought process.....if ever there was a telling moment on how horribly out of touch with reality.

NY mayor Blasio is suing the big oil companies for the weather. Yeah, you heard that right....he is taking the global warming chant to a new level now blaming the big oil companies.

They figure they are an easy without any LEGITIMATE scientific proof this is what amounts to a shakedown. Hmmm...a coincidence that they have deep pockets? Ugh, no.

Article, "New York alleges the five major oil companies have played a role in global warming, the AP reported and is seeking to recoup billions of dollars spent preparing for climate change."

Just another ridiculous cause for the liberal mind to glob onto.

From: HDE
He's as batshit crazy as Pelosi and the rest of those idiots.

He obviously has no standing because what he is suing them for has not happened yet. It is not the oil companies fault nyc frivolously spent taxpayers money. Loser pays on this one I say.

From: Tiger eye
Perhaps the big five should no longer sell their product in NYC.

From: Trax
Tiger eye with the best post of the day. The oil companies need to counter sue for expenses for when this is thrown out of court. He is one of the dumbest liberals in power in the nation, he has to even be just smart enough to know this is going nowhere. He's just looking to gain some publicity and stroke his looneytoon blind dumb sheep liberal base.

From: Hunting5555
Please tell me that moron is driven around in a solar powered limo...... Cause if he is not, he would be a big part of the problem under his own logic. Some New Yorkers need to get together and sue him for the exact same thing!!!

Freakin idiot.....

From: bigswivle
NY and California should start there own country IMO. We can cut them off of all funding and let them do it alone

From: NvaGvUp
If you want stupid and inefficient, CA is the place to be.

Last April I traded in my 20 year old MBZ for a new one. I'd lost the title certificate somehow, but that's no big deal,because when that happens, there's a standard form you fill out and sign, then it's all good.

Except in CA!

Yesterday the MBZ dealer called me to ask if I could swing by to sign the title they'd just received from CA, nine months after I'd traded it in!

It seems they'd quickly sold my old set of wheels, but when the buyer couldn't get the title, they had to buy it back from him.

Finally, NINE MONTHS after they'd asked CA to send them the title, it finally arrived!

This is what liberalism does for you, people! Total incompetence and inefficiency at ALL levels of the government!

From: DL

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Maybe he should have read this first. What a waste of taxpayers money but that’s what liberals do.

From: NvaGvUp

As long as it's "Other peoples' money,'they're OK with it.

Because spending "Other People's Money" is what liberals do best.

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