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Retirement related - Medicare
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HA/KS 12-Jan-18
dm/wolfskin 12-Jan-18
K Cummings 12-Jan-18
From: HA/KS
Since so many chimed in on the retirement thread, I want to know if you have any advice or experience to share in dealing with Medicare.

I have been told that if I don't sign up months before I turn 65 I am not eligible.

What does it cover or not cover?

What supplemental plans are good, bad, necessary, or not needed?

From: dm/wolfskin
There's probably a penalty for not signing up. I know you paid them over $300 every six months un till you turn 66. There are so many plans out there that will make your head spin. I had help from my work. Been retired since last May first.

From: K Cummings

K Cummings's Link

It's not complicated, but it can be confusing.

First, Medicare part A (hospital coverage) is automatic. Part B (physician coverage) is voluntary and requires the enrollee to sign up within a certain enrollment period.

Part D (prescription drugs) is also voluntary.

The coverage you need depends on what your employer coverage does, what prescriptions you take, and what kind of deductibles and copays you want.

I would recommend you start with your local SS office (or reading the publication at the link) and they will explain the enrollment periods and sign up . Then I would contact a competent insurance agent, one that knows the medicare supplement plan options (not usually your house and car guy) and have them advise you regarding all your options.


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