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Great Burger Recipe
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From: NvaGvUp
I was in Bozeman last summer and had perhaps the best burger I've ever had at a restaurant called Plonk in downtown Bozeman.

After I got home, I called them to ask how it was fixed and if they'd mind sharing the recipe.

They were OK with both, so here it is:

1/3 pound of top-quality ground beef, although I've been using elk, moose, and venison burger. I've also tried it with wild sheep burger and while it's good, it's not AS good.

Sprinkle a bit of Montreal Seasoning on the patty and put in on a hot grill.

After turning, add a bit of salt and a couple of slices of a very good quality smoked sharp cheddar. (I use Old Crock from Australia, which is available in the deli section of my local Raley's grocery store here in Reno.)

On the bun, slather the top half with Roasted Garlic Aoli (available on-line at Stonewall Kitchen). On the bottom half, add some good ale mustard (I use Maine Craft Ale Mustard, also from Stonewall Kitchen), along a little bit of chopped white onion.

When the burger is medium rare, put it on the bun, then add two thin slices of browned Pancetta, a couple of hamburger dill pickle chips and you're all set!

The aoli, together with the great cheeze, the ale mustard, and the pancetta, make for a great combination!


From: Jim Moore
Sounds pretty damn good to me! I think one of the best burgers I ever ate was in Lake Havasu, Az. Was at the Barley Brothers Brewery by the London Bridge. I had to look it up and found the menu and it was called the PB&J burger. Its an Angus beef burger, topped with Napa cabbage slaw, cilantro, jalapeno jelly and Thai peanut sauce. Sounds crazy as hell but the flavors just jet around in the mouth. I got it just to be different and every one at my table wanted the damn

From: AZOnecam
Doubt we'll ever meet Kyle, but I'm a fan of a good burger. That said, my elk burgers are hands down the best burger on the planet. Don't believe me, try one. :)

From: bad karma
I'll suggest another burger, too. Kyle's option looks like a winner, too.

Brioche bun. Game burger, or beef if you have to. Cook it like Kyle did. Caramelized onions. Gruyere cheese, thin or julienned. Thick cut, applewood smoked bacon Spinach Blackberry preserves. (The good stuff, nothing with HFCS.)

From: Huntcell
Kyle, all in the details but what style, flavor, brand of bun?

From: NvaGvUp

Nothing special. I use Rainbo's BBQ size buns. They come four to a package and they're a little bit bigger than regular buns.

From: Mint
I like my burgers plain old American style, burger, American cheese, slice of raw onion and ketchup. I do like to mix venison, moose and wild hog and some seasonings together to make my game burgers. Cooking them on the Kamado Joe with hard work charcoal adds a nice flavor also.

From: jjs
Have a burger place,Kings Bar, near by that makes 62 different styles of burgers. It was rated in the top 4 burger place in the Twin Cities area, which is a little drive through town of Meisville, Mn., hard place to beat for a burger.

From: South Farm
Ate there many a time, jjs! Awesome burgers!

I’ve got about another 300# of bison left from last December.

I’ll give this recipe a try.

The Chef, here at work, made us up some the other day using bison. All he used was pepper, kosher salt, granulated garlic, onion powder and some melted butter to add some “fat’ into it. They were phenomenal, and I’ve made them at home for my family. They too love it and as a bonus, my wife told me to head West again to shoot another.

From: Scar Finga
I like my burgers on a charcoal grill. I add some Hickory or Mesquite to the coals as I put the meat on. gives it an awesome flavour. I am not much for "gourmet" burgers but I really enjoy anything smoky. I do like to chop up white sweet onions and add it to the burger before grilling, then I just salt and pepper with a really good quality smoked cheddar and it is incredible... Now, I Am Hungry!

From: Owl
Looked at the Stonewall Kitchen site. Can't make up my mind. :)

From: Pat Lefemine
I've been mixing in Montreal Steak Seasoning for years in my burgers. Best to grind it in rather than just sprinkle it on. Makes the burger jump off your plate!

I do the same thing with a packet of onion soup mix Pat.

From: NvaGvUp
I'll give that a try.

Never thought of it.

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