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From: AZOnecam
I've been on this board a very long time. I love the debates that occur here.

Listening to the latest SOTU speech, and granted I'm not a huge Trump supporter, the reactions are curious to say the least.

The Dems sit and scowl, pout like spoiled children. Things are good - working out well from bottom to top and, yet there are those who just can't seem to grasp it.

On another thread, Atheist said the tax breaks were bad because we still have massive debt and crumbling infrastructure.

This, after 8 years of Obama, higher taxes, more debt and the same problems. The left wants more, yet does nothing. The right asks for less and is criticized for not immediately failing to solve what the left couldn't do in two administrations.

Honest question, what would you think Hillary could/would have done in the past 12 months that Trump hasn't?

bust rocks in a prison yard?

From: JTV
a full blown frontal attack on the 2A, she'd have opened the borders, pushed Obiecare into a single payer AKA: socialism...taxes would go up, not down, she would find a way to attack conservatives on TV and the radio... she would shrink our military even more, continue the attacks on our men in blue...

From: HeadHunter®
'rot in jail' maybe ..... and should & with many other 'criminals' in politics! .... I am so sick of politics and all the corruption and No Body has 'drained the swamp' yet! ... HRC would do 'nothing' for We the People ...... she / they are crooks and WE should be very tired of it all! ... jmho

From: HA/KS
Pretty much whatever she was told to do by her handlers - whoever that is.

From: TD
eeeeeoooouuugggghhh...... you mean somebody actually HANDLES that??????

From: Glunt@work
Placed a leftist on the Supreme Court. That would have an impact that lasts a long time.

Exactly, AS! The infrastructure was in desperate need years ago and Oblama gave us all those "shovel ready" jobs, which he then guffawed about.

The Soros plan to turn us into a shithole, one-world, commie dictatorship, which he has been funding here for over a decade, would be the focus of Hilliary's wrathful dictatorship.

From: Shuteye
I agree with most of what has been stated above. The main thing for me is Hillary would have appointed a Supreme Court Judge that would help her destroy the 2nd amendment. Also, we would never know about all the crooks in the FBI and DOJ. I am thankful that Trump won.

From: Woods Walker
No Gorsuch. Those two words alone are enough to make me 100% thankful that she's NOT POTUS.

From: gflight
To good a day to even imagine that horror...

From: bad karma
No Gorsuch. Economy would be as moribund as Charles De Gualle. Some massive and stupid gun control measure would have been signed into law.

From: Hunting5555
No Gorsuch. Those two words are all that needs to be said.......

From: BowSniper
If Hillary won we would be shutting down factories and losing jobs, to appease the carbon climate-boogeyman man! And the Dems would be grinning ear to ear because it "feels" right (and pads their own pockets)

From: Bob H in NH
What would Hillary have done? Aside from not having Gorsuch, she'd have done nothing different from the past 8 years, same path. Tax cut would NOT have happened Stock market would be stagnant O-care would be growing and costs still rising All the dirt would still be under the rug rather than slowly coming out

From: Atheist
Bob. The stock marke was steadily rising since 2009. I think she would’ve raised taxes on the wealthy and corporations. They’ve been double dipping for years now. It’s time they shared the burden of this nation rather than relying on the working mans taxes. And I still think cutting taxes when we have this massive debt and infrastructure problem isn’t wise. Analogy: If you and you’re working spouse were in massive debt AND your house needed a new roof would you ask her to cut her hours and take in less income? It’s as simple as that. Would she be perfect? No. But she’d be head and shoulders above the traitor we have now.

From: South Farm
Atheist...when was the last time a "poor" man risked it all by starting a business, offered you a job, paid you weekly wages, and went to bed nightly with the weight of the financial success (and indirectly YOUR financial success) or potential failure of the company that employs your ungrateful ass on his shoulders??? I hate to tell you, but your disdain for so-called "wealthy" is not only self-deprecating, it's idiotic. Let me guess, none of that applies to you because you're probably employed by the government and they don't have those worries because, let's face it, their money grows on trees. Seriously, ask yourself where you'd be if not for all these perceived greedy wealthy business owners you harbor such contempt for!

From: bad karma
I'm perfectly happy with the idea that government spending now needs to be cut dramatically to reduce the deficit. As I've said before, I'll sit down with Nvagvup, and a few others here with the federal budget, and we can find, line by line and program by program, stuff to cut.

From: Bowbender
“I think she would’ve raised taxes on the wealthy and corporations. They’ve been double dipping for years now. It’s time they shared the burden of this nation rather than relying on the working mans taxes. “

Really? You Libs really need s new schtick cuz this ones old. The rich aren’t paying their fair share? The top 20% pay 80% of the federal tax burden. 80%!! How much more do you want? I know, you’ll reference the tax rates of the 1950’s as an example that a 90% rate is fair and equitable without mentioning the effective rate was in the mid 30% range. As far as taxes on corporations, they pay ZERO taxes. It’s merely passed on to the consumer. But then you already knew that.

But back to individual rates. Just how much of my income do you think you are entitled to? Instead of dollars, let’s refer to it as time. How much of my time do you require each week to accommodate your warped sense of fairness?

From: Huntcell
There would be a big scandal after jealous Huma reveals photos of a young intern under Hilliary” s Oval Office desk.

From: 70lbdraw
"And I still think cutting taxes when we have this massive debt and infrastructure problem isn’t wise. "

You're right; but the problem is that the dems want higher taxes so they bring in more immigrants. They aren't the least bit concerned with "fixing" anything that TRULY needs attention.

From: gflight
"The stock marke was steadily rising since 2009."

The spring of 09 the dow was about 6500 and it took over 5 years to get back where it was at the start of the 0bama term. Maybe some remember him, his only accomplishment was being black and he only got that half right...

Dow reached a record four 1,000-point milestones in one year under Trump. Had its second biggest increase over time ever. First biggest being when Clinton had a republican congress....

So today's lesson theist....

Don't elect democrats if you like improving your status in life. If you want to drink beer and watch the NFL on the couch whining about your betters until you die, vote democrat....

Only Democrat's in charge.....Recession

Split branches in charge.....Growth

Only Republican's in charge.....Record setting

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