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Man carrying saves Officer
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spike78 04-Feb-18
BIG BEAR 04-Feb-18
Rhody 04-Feb-18
bad karma 04-Feb-18
JTV 04-Feb-18
Spike Bull 04-Feb-18
Rocky 04-Feb-18
Coyote 65 05-Feb-18
Mint 05-Feb-18
gflight 05-Feb-18
Woods Walker 06-Feb-18
Spike Bull 06-Feb-18
spike78 06-Feb-18
TGbow 07-Feb-18
Woods Walker 07-Feb-18
From: spike78

spike78's Link
Good case of why to carry.

Good guys with guns !!! Good stuff. !!!!!!!

From: Rhody
good story, I suspect there are a lot more out there that don't get reported.

From: bad karma
There are plenty that do not get reported where individuals avoid trouble by use of a firearm. I can name three in my family alone.

I doubt that armed citizens saving LEO's are underreported because the law enforcement agency would, except in stupid states like New York, want to publicly commend the armed citizen.

From: JTV
I dont leave home with out mine .... even going to the supermarket, or auto parts store, its there on me ... I went to go get my drivers license renewed , it was on me ... when we go on the 18th to see The Philadelphia Story at the theater with Cary Grant, Kate Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, it will be on me ...

Great act!

From: Rocky
I wonder how many late show invites he will receive for this heroic act?

The Rock

From: Coyote 65
Rock, he is right behind me in the guest list.


From: Mint
good job and actually a pretty good report from the media

The only thing I have ever used mine for is to shoot a couple of deer that people have run into and were flopping around on the ground. I almost always have one though..

From: gflight
Hope I never have to use mine but am glad that rough men stand ready.....8^)

Good on him.

From: Woods Walker
Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. This should apply to EVERYTHING one deals with in life, from making sure you have a heavy coat with gloves, hat and boots when you drive in the winter to a means of self defense, should that ever be necessary.

"I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."

Best rule of life I was ever taught!

I have been in Boston everyday for a week. It truly bothers me not being able to carry at will down here.

From: spike78
Boston is so bad they actually have an anti gun banner above the highway that’s like 30 yards long right when you get into the city! I’ve lived in MA for 38 years and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been to Boston. 2 for Sox games, 2 for flights, and one to go to a buddy’s b day bash.

From: TGbow
Yea, the areas with the strictest gun laws tend to have the highest crime rate...imagine that.

From: Woods Walker
And that fact TG is consistent. What it once again proves is that crime and violence are NOT a gun problem, but a PEOPLE problem. The exact same guns in the hands of different people are used in very little crime and more often than not in completely different end results.

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