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E-Bikes And Western Hunting
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Chasewild 05-Feb-18
Bob H in NH 05-Feb-18
Rhody 05-Feb-18
Glunt@work 05-Feb-18
Bake 05-Feb-18
Irishman 05-Feb-18
HDE 05-Feb-18
Scrappy 05-Feb-18
Shuteye 06-Feb-18
foxbo 06-Feb-18
HDE 07-Feb-18
From: Chasewild
I didn't want to hijack the other thread since that thread was an introduction from a sponsor. That conversation had elements of hunting in the west, but I wanted to test my own position with many of those on here who have, or will, accept the ebike. Upfront: I'm in the other camp.

You couldn't pay me to ride an ebike to hunt. The work, resolve, time, and ultimately, the reward are traded for customer satisfaction of suspension, how much gear you can tote, and how "quiet" the motor is.

It's brutal to age and watch my dad not be able to go in a few miles -- trails or not. Hips, knees, and backs wear and they hurt and I can't imagine and nor will I minimize how much he misses bugling bulls with me. Even getting him on a horse would be tough, but that's the goal for the next season. We'll either lease a horse with a llama for his gear and go in -- slow and easy. And after that, we'll see. But as for me, I'll spend my entire life striving to be like Paul@thefort or other silverbacks that just refuse to give up. When my feet can't carry me in and I can't get on a horse -- that's it. All things must end.

My compound bow shoots a hell of a lot further than my 58# long bow. But my compound bow doesn't carry me in, carry me and the elk out, and in recent years, has given me some real demons to exorcise by way of target panic. My super light weight tent, my gore-tex rain gear, my light weight stove all decrease the amount of effort I have to expend on the hunt. But I carry them -- I make the decision as to what I need, I tote them through miserable downfall, up scree fields, and hopefully, in the same bag as an elk quarter. It still takes me the same number of footsteps -- whether 1 or 15,000 -- to get to my spot.

It is the transport of your self into and out of the woods that is the hardest, sometimes the loneliest, part of the hunt. The transport is the process by which we leave one place -- one set of values, one set of standards -- and accept another way. I wouldn't trade those long walks back empty handed for fat tires and a motor if my life depended on it.

And, more importantly, the stick bow will be for the second half of my life.

From: Bob H in NH
They get you up the trail, not off the trail and over the mountain to the draw etc. No different than a horse.

From: Rhody
I see nothing wrong with using a motorized vehicle to hunt with as long it is on legal roads and trails to do so.

The new ebikes are pretty amazing and pretty expensive. I'm an ol' mtb rider and it's getting harder to climb trails and one day I might go down that road so I can still enjoy riding country single track, but the fact is, if it has a motor in it, you're limited. Trails that I can ride now, are currently banned to ebike riding.

I sympathize with you and your father, ebike would be a nice quiet ride, but you still have to LOOK around and riding and looking for game at the same time... well, good luck with that. I did a lot at one time with my MTB, not anymore. The thing is, even when I walk and stalk to get close, it's more about the motion and walking sound that I have to worry about when bowhunting.

From: Glunt@work
I've had satisfying hunts where I could see the truck from where the shot took place. I've had satisfying hunts where I was miles from anything and never nocked an arrow.

We all get to choose what floats our boat. It really only matters as a group when our choice impacts the ability of others to enjoy their choice or when it effects the resource.

Ebikes are like any other access enhancer. If a guy rides one up the trail instead of walking or riding his horse, it impacts very little. If guys ride up the trail who would have never walked up it or rode a horse up it, then they may have an impact.

From: Bake
I admire your position.

I, on the other hand, will hunt up to the day I die hopefully. Whether I have to use an ebike, horse, Polaris Ranger, drone, starship, or hovercraft to get there. And I'll use a crossbow, gun, bazooka, guided drone missile, or whatever else I have to use to get it done.

I don't get too caught up in the "purity" of any type of hunting. It's not my religion. It's something I'm driven to do. I went through a little bow-only phase. But anymore, I don't care the weapon. I just want to hunt. I enjoy all types of hunting as well. I've sat in a blind over corn and alfalfa and had a hell of a good time.

I've spot and stalked. I've hiked into wilderness areas. I've banged plenty of things with a gun. I've decoyed ducks and geese. I've also pass shot them and jumped them.

I'm fine with other people limiting themselves for their own enjoyment. I've gone the other way, and prefer anymore to expand my opportunities through different weapons and hunting styles.

From: Irishman
I hike in to do all of my hunting. However, I'm not at all opposed to the idea of using an I don't have one, but hunt miles up some closed roads where I wish I had one, especially for helping get an elk out quickly in warmer weather. I'm not sure why you would be opposed to riding a bike, but okay with riding a horse. In my opinion, I'd much rather see a fat tire bike on a trail, than a horse. The leaves a lot less evidence it was there than the horse. Maybe, I'm just biased, because I could never afford to own and maintain a horse, but could buy an

From: HDE
I share the same sentiments as Bake.

From: Scrappy
I'm just confused with how a guy could be sitting at a trailhead that has signs stating no MOTORIZED VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT. THEN climb on there mountain bike that has a MOTOR and somehow thinks it's all right. I would feel guilty as he!! If I was to even attempt to think it wasn't wrong.

On legal to use trails I can see were they would be very useful.

From: Shuteye
I am lucky since I can walk to most of my hunting places. I had a Honda Ruckus and liked it but I sold it and bought a John Deer Gator. It is great for taking stuff in to build a stand and great to haul out deer. It will hold three deer if you pile them up. I will soon be 76 years old and have dragged deer many miles but now I haul them with my Gator or Front end loader. I think next season I will mainly hunt the firearm season with a single shot muzzle loading 50 cal pistol. Most of my neighbors walk to their stands but use four wheelers to haul out deer but we are only talking a mile or so, not like out West.

From: foxbo
First time I ever heard of an "ebike". Still not really sure what the hell it is, except something with a motor and makes it easier. That's the key, make it easier. Just like inlines, compounds, crossbows, etc. I don't get it and I'm 64. Maybe we should all stump for level trails, heated blinds, herded game, and no chance of not blasting something. :)

From: HDE
Be cool to be able to haul out 150 lbs of meat at one time 6 miles back in on a road closed except for admin use only...

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