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Sixby 05-Feb-18
Bentstick81 05-Feb-18
TGbow 06-Feb-18
Shuteye 06-Feb-18
Spike Bull 06-Feb-18
From: Sixby
Today I turned on the tube and Shep Smith interrupted the presidental speech I was listening to. Something else I have never seen before was a box insert into the speech. It was giving a blow by blow of the Dow as the president was touting the economy. Suddenly there was no more speech and the president of the USA was rudely interrupted by Shep Smith who was Drama Queen of the Day freaking out about the falling market. Then the bots kicked in and the market was in free fall at the rate of a hundred points every couple of minutes. Someone finally woke up and said enough and decided to get rich quick and back up she went. Bottom with bots running full blast and sales literally falling over each other hit true 10 Percent drop figure and peops that bought that are rich today. We will see if it keeps going up or goes back down. Right now its give and take with giving on the power end. Interesting stuff going on here/ Buttttttttttt. What of the president being cut off? Never seen anything like that before. These leftists are so in hate with Trump that they glory in the destruction of America. I am personally really , really sick of them.

God bless, Steve

From: Bentstick81
Remember now. The dems say that they are for the people. The dems can't tell the truth on anything. 8^)))

From: TGbow
They are for the people alright...they are for the people that want to sit on their butt while the other people [tax payers]take care of them.

Considering the last 8 years, or the last 25 for that matter, it's a wonder we even have an economy to speak of.

From: Shuteye
Shep Smith should be on MSNBC, he would fit right in. I change the channel when he comes on and my wife does too.

My wife cant listen to him at all so she changes the channel as well.

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