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China deploys 300,000 troops
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Spike Bull 07-Feb-18
BowSniper 07-Feb-18
JTV 07-Feb-18
Spike Bull 07-Feb-18

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"China is reportedly moving missile defense batteries and troops closer to its border with North Korea, a potential sign that Beijing anticipates either a large refugee wave north or a military disturbance triggered by the belligerence of communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo cited Radio Free Asia (RFA) in a report Monday, stating that RFA had compiled evidence that China had “late last year deployed another missile defense battery at an armored division in Helong"

From: BowSniper

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I saw a similar stor in April 2017, and again in June and October. China doesn't seem very serious about making NK comply... so why bother ramping up troops for the result of war, if you had the power to stop the war from happening in the first place?

From: JTV
seems like I read last month that the dog eater was readying an above ground test of a Hydrogen Nuke .... maybe that has sumpthin' to do with this ..

Yes, the theatrics may have nothing to do with reality, and could just be another dog and pony show.

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