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Z Street vs IRS
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More evidence and an admission of weaponization of the IRS by the Obama regime.

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"The 501(c)(3) exemption category should be reformed. The whole thing has become a tax sham/shelter for special interest- pressure lobby groups. They roll into DC and setup media based ‘expert’ shops. They then offer their interestingly peculiar services to MSNBC, NPR, Politico or Fox. They flood the universty lecture circuits and create Potemkin vilage website fronts.

Tax freedom for scammers and registered foreign agents.

Why should American taxpayers grant special tax welfare exemptions to these supposed non-partisan groups – when we all darn well know they aren’t? We’re passive participants in a scam setup by shifty lawyers and their political handpuppets. I hate being played the fool.

All of these groups need to pay their own way – just like us little people."


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