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Ideology over Merit
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Annony Mouse 08-Feb-18
tonyo6302 08-Feb-18
BowSniper 08-Feb-18
Annony Mouse 08-Feb-18
gflight 08-Feb-18
From: Annony Mouse
This somewhat dovetails with the revelations about the weaponization of government agencies under the Obama administration (IRS, FBI, DOJ, etc.). Last week there were several articles seen (not covered in the lettered lapdog media) with comments from FBI agents regarding their leadership (appointed officials/upper supervisors) who put political agenda ahead of the mission of the FBI.

Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam: Bureau’s Top Brass Climb Ladder by Ideology, Not Merit

“Go in and think like a liberal” was the advice two FBI agents gave Jonathan Gilliam prior to his taking an FBI entrance exam. Gilliam shared his anecdote during a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL and former FBI special agent, spoke of left-wing political corruption across the federal government, specifically identifying the CIA and FBI.

Gilliam recalled that two FBI agents advised him to “think like a liberal” during his FBI entrance exam. “I was told by two FBI agents that did not know each other – I was told, ‘Do not go in and take that test as though you are thinking like a SEAL.’ In other words, ‘If this happened, this is the way it should be done because this is the way a team works, and this is the way an investigation should be carried out.’ They said, ‘Don’t do that, you’ll fail. Go in and think like a liberal.’ And that’s what I did, and I passed.”

The FBI’s entrance exam illustrated how leftists use ideological filtering tools preferencing ideological fellow travelers, said Gilliam... (much more at link, for those who are interested).

More and more, the "swamp" is appearing to be more of a septic tank.

From: tonyo6302
That does not surprise me one bit.

From: BowSniper
Not sure what to make of that. When I took the written exam, I scored very well thinking like a Marine. But that was twenty years ago....

Scored a 96.5 plus 5 veteran points plus 5 disabled veteran points for a 106.5

Only a genius crippled veteran could have beaten me! Lol

From: Annony Mouse
Adam...much different world today, sigh.

From: gflight
"Only a genius crippled veteran could have beaten me! Lol"

Don't hate...;^)

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