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MLK - no longer allowed to be Christian
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HA/KS 09-Feb-18
Owl 09-Feb-18
TGbow 11-Feb-18
From: HA/KS

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"Godless! Atheists complain about gospel music at MLK Day celebration"

I guess the options logically would be to either allow religious music at events organized to honor a Christian minister, or to do away with the holiday.

From: Owl
Remove God from MLK and pretend his secular impulses rendered such a singularly great (but flawed) man... Metaphoric. The same folks are engaging the same tactic with our country. But who can blame them with the success they are having?

From: TGbow
Honestly, from my research MLK wasn't a practicing Christian. But it appears he did have Communist ties.

Just watching his speeches tells me he was at best a Socialist.

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