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Camcorder- looking for suggestions?
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Hunt98 11-Feb-18
elkmtngear 11-Feb-18
Shuteye 11-Feb-18
From: Hunt98
I'm looking to buy a camcorder (not a GoPro type) for hunting bear, deer and turkey. Features that I'm looking for: Low light videoing Optical zoom SD Card recording Quick startup time Remote control Image stabilization Small and light weight

Do you have any suggestions that might work?

From: elkmtngear
Last one I bought was a Sony Handycam, I like the ability to use a LANC controller (small remote on a cable), rather than futz with the zoom on the camera itself. I can start the camera with the small remote on the LANC when needed. Also, it takes 12 MP still photos, so I don't need to take a separate camera for stills and I can use the LANC as a remote when taking "Hero Shots". The Zoom and low-light capabilites are impressive as well.

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Shuteye
I had a Sony Handycam and loved it until I left it in a bucket in the back of my truck. It rained and that was the end of my camera. I used to set it on a tripod in my ground blind. I would have it all set up and when a deer was coming i would turn it on. I once shot a deer and sat in the blind watching the replay. You can go frame at a time and I had pictures of the arrow, bent, just coming out of the blind and could click frame at a time to see the fletching going into the deer.

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