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More Liberal Bullcrap
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Woods Walker 05-Apr-18
JTV 05-Apr-18
HDE 06-Apr-18
TGbow 06-Apr-18
Squash 06-Apr-18
Spike Bull 06-Apr-18
Bowbender 06-Apr-18
Woods Walker 06-Apr-18
Mint 06-Apr-18
Spike Bull 06-Apr-18
From: Woods Walker

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"We don't want to ban your guns......"

Now THAT is an out and out bald faced lie. Chicago banned handguns for a decade and now Deerfield, Illinois is doing it with "assault" weapons. This one will being going to the courts.

From: JTV
I despise these uppity better than thou communities, let alone the liberals that continue to bring down Illinois ....

From: HDE
Not really interested in what they say they want or do not want.

From: TGbow
Oh yea, and it has really helped the crime rate in Chicago aint it.

I know I'm not a genius but it seems these folks don't have any common sense.

God help them.

From: Squash
Yeah, and assault rifle and large capacity mag owners will be lining up by the thousands to turn them in ? Not.

In NY the SAFE ACT requires assault rifles to be registered, of the 1 million AR estimated to be in NY, less than 50,000 have been registered. State Police are too embarrassed to post actual number of compliance.

As citizens of this country it is our DUTY to resist unConstitutional "laws". Those people who refuse to register guns are just doing their civic duty. Oh yeah, I pray that there are actually 3-4 million unregistered ARs in NY.

From: Bowbender

Unless the weapons are “registered” how would they know who owns what without help from the ATF?

From: Woods Walker
Good point. Although if they did purchase the weapon in Illinois we have our state background check via our FOID card (firearm owners identfication), so who knows?

From: Mint
More frightening is the left working with the credit card companies on getting them to ban use on purchasing firearms. Same with banks refusing to take firearm makers as clients. We better speak up now and be heard or this will hurt us down the road.

Dont be fooled by what the law says, the ATF IS making a list of gun owners. In a local case here a gun shop owner was threatened by the Boston ATF chief who sent a government goon into his store to copy his paperwork. This got the goon thrown out but he returned, lawyers were engaged, the shop was set up and closed, and the ATF still has the info. Dont think for a second that there is no list.

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