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Trump to pick a judge for California
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Shuteye 09-Apr-18
Woods Walker 09-Apr-18
kentuckbowhnter 09-Apr-18
HDE 09-Apr-18
JTV 09-Apr-18
Spike Bull 10-Apr-18
From: Shuteye
Obama tried to get the judge to step down in 2014 due to his age. Obama wanted another liberal judge. The judge listened to his ego instead of Obama and now he is dead and Donald J Trump gets to put a conservative judge in his place. A young one that will last for decades.

"He will be remembered as one of the giants of the federal bench. He had a great life that ended much too soon," Thomas said.

Reinhardt, an appointee of former President Carter, was dubbed the "liberal lion" of the federal circuit courts.

His rulings in favor of criminal defendants, minorities and immigrants were often overturned by the more conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

Many lawyers have joked that Reinhardt's name on a ruling was probably enough to get the attention of the conservatives on the Supreme Court. In 1996, after Reinhardt was reversed several times by the Supreme Court, The Times asked him if he was upset.

"Not in the slightest!" he boomed. "If they want to take away rights, that's their privilege. But I'm not going to help them do it."

From: Woods Walker
"If they want to take away rights, that's their privilege. But I'm not going to help them do it."

We need judges who think that way about the 2A.

I hope califate gets what they deserve, a judge that slaps them down.

From: HDE
And that alone is one of the best things about Trump WINNING in 2016.

From: JTV
yup .... that is also why the left/dems are vehemently going after Trump the way they are with Mueller and the witch hunt ..... the left/dems know they are in trouble every day Trump is in office ....

......and the deeper the trouble they get into the better off we all are!

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