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Any traffic engineers out there?
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Hi all - i am doing some research on the traffic management industry. I am interested in chatting with anyone who might work at a state, city, local etc Department of Transportation in a traffic management or traffic engineering role... if anyone is willing to chat for a few minutes, please PM me. thanks!

From: Annony Mouse
Came across this today:

They installed the first one in Michigan between my work and home. All I can say is WOW!!! In thought, it goes against all logic. Driving through it (the second time) is a breeze, and wonder why there aren’t more of these around.

From: osage
Very interesting design, however the curve radius appear to be rather short which would require superelevation at the flyovers or a reduction in speed speed at the horizontal divergence. It also appears that the design would be expensive to construct. However, if the design reduces or eliminates fatalities it would be money well spent. Much better expenditure of taxpayers money than a bullet train to nowhere.

There is no such thing as a traffic engineer. Traffic managers, traffic techs, etc. but definitely not engineers unless you guys made the name up for yourselves.

From: ben h
Transportation is one of the areas of expertise of the Civil Engineering field. Technically you're right and there is no such thing as a "Transportation Engineer", but there are Professional Engineers (PE) in civil that specialize in transportation. I'm a civil PE, but I do heavy civil and utility work and only know enough about tranportation design to tell you I don't know sh#$ about it. I remember a Transportation question on the PE test during the general portion of the exam and after reading the question 10 times, I didn't even know what the question was. It could have been about traveling through space, time and black holes for all I know.

From: JD
Know what you mean Mike. The first time I went though a Diverging Diamond I was asking myself what the hell was that,,,,,,and I'm a Highway Dept CE Tech. Did a little research when I got back home and they make sense for controlled access highway interchanges.

From: Solo

Solo's Link
Yes, there is an engineering field that deals directly with traffic engineering. They're licensed as a "professional traffic operations engineer", or PTOE, which is a specialized branch of the civil engineering field. And they're becoming more & more prevalent in this industry from my experience as a traffic signal technician/electrician for roughly 4 decades now.

This is a high-tech industry that's often seeking licensed engineers to fill positions in many parts of the country. I believe you'll need to become a licensed civil, mechanical, electrical, or general engineer first, and have 4 years of experience in the traffic engineering field to qualify to sit for the PTOE exam. And it's a challenge from what I've been told by licensed PTOE's.

You can check out the above link, and/or do your own search for more detailed info...

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