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China to Cut Auto Tariff
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Mint 10-Apr-18
Pig Doc 10-Apr-18
Shuteye 10-Apr-18
bigeasygator 10-Apr-18
JTV 10-Apr-18
slade 10-Apr-18
Spike Bull 10-Apr-18
'Ike' (Phone) 10-Apr-18
Woods Walker 10-Apr-18
Amoebus 11-Apr-18
bigeasygator 11-Apr-18
Mint 11-Apr-18
From: Mint

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From: Pig Doc
Maybe Nva can come out from under his bed now.

From: Shuteye
Trump is right again. "Dow is up 489 at 10:49 am, any clever Wall St analysts or economists want to peddle any more of your anti-Trump anti-American worker nonsense? #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs" BTW it's called blinking.

From: bigeasygator
It’s not rocket want to crater the stock market, announce the imposition of tariffs. You want to push it to the positive, announce you’re rolling tariffs back. You want to see it really take off? It would do that if/when Trump announces he’s not putting the proposed tariffs on China in place.

From: JTV
what, you mean China back off on a threat....nah, cant be ... the hand wringers said Trump screwed up

From: slade

Don't forget the pontificators, closet democrats and the clueless left.......

Beg, what the hell are you smoking!?!

Pig Doc, let him stay there!

Lol, haters going to hate...

From: Woods Walker

Some beautiful music coming from the White House. It's a sweet sound, is it not?

From: Amoebus

Amoebus's Link
Interesting, China was promising the same thing last November.

From: bigeasygator
Yeah Amoebus, this is actually old news. They've been talking some time about opening up some of the markets and rolling back some tariffs. The market took it as a sign some of those things might actually happen, but as you've pointed out they've been saying this is coming for a long time. You can argue it doesn't have anything to do with the "Cold War" on trade that kicked off in late last year and this was already in the works. It may accelerate these things happening, but it's nothing new.

From: Mint
Except that Pres Trump was the only one with guts to actually put tariffs on China. And when China tried to retaliate he threatened to put on a 100 billion more. So what did China do, they went to Europe for help. I just hope we get the wall built since Mexico is no friend of the US low skilled worker and they need help.

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