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Rejoining TPP?
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Your fav poster 12-Apr-18
Bentstick81 12-Apr-18
Squash 12-Apr-18
On the campaign trail Trump called the Trans Pacific Partnership "the rape of our country." He said on his first day in office that the U.S. would quit the deal. Now, new day, new Trump. He's instructed his economic team to rejoin TPP because he realizes it’s actually leverage AGAINST China. Expect Fox and Friends to start crowingabout how great TPP is now that trump is in favor. Flip meet flop. Again.

From: Bentstick81
you fav IMposter. Watch FOX tonight, come on here and PROVE them wrong. You, trying to PROVE them wrong, would be a hoot. 8^)))

From: Squash
Yeah so what ? Rejoin on his/USA terms.

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