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$69 million and they Vanished
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From: slade

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NBC Bet $69 Million on Megyn Kelly—Then Viewers Vanish

From: Glunt@work
It was a big gamble. FOX viewers aren't going to watch NBC much and NBC viewers aren't Megyn fans.

From: Woods Walker
You'd think the highly paid corporate geniuses at NBC would have considered that! But they're most likely NYC/DC citiots who have no real comprehension of how the rest of the country lives.

From: 'Ike'
Hee, hee...I love it!

From: JTV
ooooopsie !!


From: slade

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April 26, 2018 Megyn Kelly and NBC: The cost of Trump Derangement Syndrome is huge By Thomas Lifson

NBC executive Andrew Lack, reputedly the man who hired Megyn Kelly away from Fox News, has cost shareholders of NBC-Universal millions of dollars. The three-year contract paying her a reported $23 million a year is the least of the costs the network must absorb. Had Kelly brought-in the eyeballs of early morning viewers for the Today Show, where she landed after dismal ratings for her Sunday prime-time “news magazine” entry, the money could be considered a wise investment of corporate resources.

But it turns out that, according to this report in the UK Daily Mail, Kelly is driving away viewers from her morning gig. Her:

…program that averages 2.4 million viewers an episode, which is 18 percent below what the hour was pulling in last season according to data from Nielsen.

Things get worse when it comes to the key demographic of adults aged 25 to 54, where the show is down 28 percent from last season.

That “key demo” is what advertisers seek, because brand preferences are not as firmly established as among older viewers, and this age cohort buys a lot of stuff, as they raise kids, buy houses and furnishings, and work hard to pay for all of what advertisers are selling.

And the damage extends to the program that follows:

Those numbers are now having a negative impact on the fourth hour of Today, which is also dropping in total viewers.

From: Fivers
She was hired because her and Trump disagreed on a few things and she didn't back down, I think NBC thought that she had dirt on Trump and could use it to make a lot of money off of her. It didn't work out for them!

From: JL
I like Megs but she had an offer to stay at FNC and bailed to NBC. IMO she was type-cast as a Fox gal and that stuck with her. The Conservative FNC folks weren't going to follow her to NBC and the Libs didn't like the type-cast of a Fox gal. She miscalculated big time. I don't think she will last much longer at NBC.

Have you ever noticed how some threads which carry an important message just get less attention? I believe that the Soros-Demons among us have orders about which threads to join in on and which to avoid because they cannot refute them.

there are soros sponsored operatives amongst us here in the CF?

From: K Cummings
"There are soros sponsored operatives amongst us here in the CF?"


I'm told that believing theories like this isn't paranoia, it's just being "vigilant."

Sometimes you just have to shake your head.


That was a little dig at PutZ and company, but if you want to take it personally, go ahead!

From: Thumper
Meagain will be looking for another job before long, possibly with Stormy's tag team. She's a looker.

From: Shuteye
I only watched her show one time and that was because my son was playing music on the show. He said the staff were very professional and the set up was good. He had to get up about 5 AM and just walk up the street to the studio.

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