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Cold Weather Glove
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Chasewild 03-May-18
Brotsky 03-May-18
Glunt@work 03-May-18
slade 03-May-18
Spike Bull 04-May-18
MT in MO 04-May-18
Mint 04-May-18
From: Chasewild
Tired of wearing no gloves or a lined leather glove when I'm bowhunting a cold unit/time of year (think 32 degrees F or lower). What are your solutions for (1) if you hunt with a release; and (2) if you shoot traditional/stickbow with a 3 finger glove?

From: Brotsky
Chase, get a handwarmer muff. It's a game changer. I wear light wool liner gloves regardless of how cold it gets. Just throw a handwarmer or two in the muff and you can keep your mitts warm in subzero temps.

From: Glunt@work
I shoot with a damascus glove. A heavy glomitt is about the best solution I have tried. For treestanding or in a blind I use a muff or a coat pocket with a couple handwarmers inside.

From: slade
I shoot fingers, I have a glove with a mitt that folds off. I can use my shooting glove with it.

Always use a muff with a couple hand warmers no matter how cold. I often use a light pair of fingerless camo gloves to cut down recognition of hand movement.

From: MT in MO
I always have one or two of those pocket warmers in my pockets.

From: Mint
I use a light glove with hand warmers in my safety vest pockets. It sucks when the deer stops behind a bush or tree waiting for him to step out.

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