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Biggest charity fraud EVER!
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Spike Bull 04-May-18
jjs 04-May-18
Beendare 04-May-18
Spike Bull 04-May-18
trublucolo 04-May-18
Spike Bull 05-May-18

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Lots of superior "achievements" were set by the traitors in the most criminal administration ever and the next few years of exposing the depth, breadth, and heinous nature of their crimes against America will be interesting. Giving them true justice will be greatly satisfying.

From: jjs
Totally agree but many are still 'goose stepping' for the Clintons and that is scary.

From: Beendare
What about the Obama admin having the feds impose forced donations to certain charities as part of federal gov enforcement?

We don't see anything on that....

That's interesting, Been! Gotta link?

From: trublucolo

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"Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2016 (H.R. 5063). This bill stops the Department of Justice (DOJ), and all other agencies, from pushing defendants to donate money to favored political interest groups as part of settlement agreements with the federal government."


These Soros-Demons are the most creative traitors ever!!

Thanks, tru!

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