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Maybe too far gone?
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Inshart 06-May-18
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bad karma 06-May-18
air leak 07-May-18
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Inshart 07-May-18
From: Inshart
Wondering what would work for my older, really scuffed up (no big cracks or cuts) pair of Danner's? Super comfortable, but my feet get wet instantly in wet grass. Last year I tried 3 coats of beeswax (heat with hair drier between coats) didn't work, feet still got wet. Looking for possible suggestions?

From: jerry
Use gortex socks.

From: JTV
Seal Skinz socks .. I wear 'em when I run in snow and sloppy weather... styles go up to the calf ...

From: bad karma
Buy another pair. If they blow up in the field, like a friend's did on an elk hunt last year, it's a problem.

I ended up packing out 3/4 maybe it wasn't a total disaster for him. That and duct tape got him back to the jeep.

From: air leak
After many years of use, the Gore Tex will wear out. That has happened to me, I just buy another pair.

I have the Gore Tex socks, just not a fan of them.

From: Owl
Replace them. If they are "older," they don't owe you anything. I've had 2 blow outs at work. They always come at the worst possible moment. Duct tape will get you through the day but that is a guarantee a client will come through for a dog and pony show. lol

Point is don't risk it when you have already extracted so much value.

From: Inshart
Thanks everyone - kind of thought that, just hopeful that someone has had the same issue and there would be a cure for them, and yes, they owe me nothing, I've gotten lots and lots of miles out of them.

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