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Racism in the US
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Spike Bull 09-May-18
HDE 09-May-18
Will 09-May-18
Glunt@work 09-May-18
Trax 09-May-18
JL 09-May-18
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Spike Bull 09-May-18
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Spike Bull 's Link
Guess who is to blame, according to some blacks.....

From: HDE
She's right. barry obama-binladen never could keep his mouth shut about it...

From: Will
I find that interesting. Particularly because it notes "black conservatives" vs "black people" for example. My gut instinct is that if they polled "black liberals" the results would be different... Just like if I polled conservative voters and asked if they thought President Obama did a good job, they would say no overwhelmingly while liberal voters would go the other way and say he was a very good president.

That said, blaming anyone for racism seems really lame overall. It's cultural and handed down. It's nasty, it's horrible, it's ridiculously short sighted and idiotic... But it's there and has been for literally centuries. It's certainly not new...

I'm not sure that trying to be hyper open about it and "make amends" for everything is the way to go... Conversely, trying to act like it was never an issue is numb to reality.

Acknowledge it, look into way's to move forward positively and repeat.

Eventually, culture shifts.

From: Glunt@work
Some define racism as it applys to how whites interact with minorities. Others define it as it applying to any race interacting negativity with another race.

From: Trax
"Others define it as it applying to any race interacting negativity with another race."

Anyone being honest and not suffering from ignorance defines it this way.

The amount of racism directed towards Caucasian people is indeed a new phenomenon flamed by race pimps like Obama and Holder. It existed before them of course, those two clowns grew it like cancer. The leftist media loves racism directed towards whites.

From: JL
Great vid below from the above link that nails it!

Shocking, who-d a thunk it!

Great vid JL!

From: Owl
That was great JL

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