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Another Win!!!
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North Korea releases US hostages...

Just checked, and I’m still not tired of it. MAGA!!!

American hostages released from N Korea during the Obama administration: 1. Euna Lee 2. Laura Ling 3. Robert Park 4. Aijalon Gomes 5. Eddie Yong Su Jun 6. Merrill Newman 7. Jeffrey Fowle 8. Kenneth Bae 9. Matthew Miller 10. Sandra Suh Number of forced photo ops, 0.

From: Bentstick81
Good for obama y f IMposter. Any time we can get our HEROES back, is a GREAT day. So what is your point??? Oh, that's right. Gotta stir the $hit, like the chicken shit LYING FRAUD that you are.

From: 70lbdraw
^^^^ How much did that cost US?! I bet it was more than Trump paid! Lol!

YFP- Remember when Hillary lost the election she was supposed to win?? That was a great day :) We are all still laughing at you over that one...

From: BowSniper
Imposter - the difference is that Obama did nothing actually to get those people get released, the only connection to Obama is a calendar. Bill Clinton intervened and arranged for the release of Lee & Ling. Jimmy Carter arranged for the release of Gomes. Bill Richardson stepped into get Newman released. And Sweden arranged for the release of Fowle.

It could even be said that Dennis Rodman did more for the release of Bae and Miller, than Obama ever did.

Meanwhile you keep posting without any real idea what you are even talking about, and thus never make a valid or credible point.

From: JTV
and dont forget the YUUUUge failure with Bergdhal, we gave up 5 known terrorist leaders to get back a traitor, we also had servicemen killed looking for that buttwipe (you know what a buttwipe is dont you PutZ, you look at one every time you look in a Mirror) ... ...and then most of those terrorists went back to the battle field .. PutZ, you continue to prove yourself to be the dweeb we all know you are ... back to your safe space... a transgender crap room ...

From: 'Ike'
Still winning putz...

From: TD
Could say we kinda got back two traitors....... sort of.... maybe one and a half....

From: scentman
While we are winning the left is whineing... pass the cheese please.

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