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From: Tiger eye
I was overseas in France for a few days on a business/mini vacation. I think I now know how immigrants should feel.

While at a train station trying to do my best deciphering the train schedule and directions ( I have basic understanding of French) a policeman came up to my wife and I and asked us for our passports. Obviously we stood out. Probably our conversing in English.

He was polite and courteous. We showed him our papers, he thanked us and asked if he could help. All in all it was a good experience. He was doing his job and I did not feel one bit of uneasiness.

For those that are in this country, if you are legal And following the laws, you have nothing to fear. That you are being profiled is bull. You obviously stick out and the police are doing their jobs. Suck it up.

From: K Cummings
You are obviously a racist and benefiting from white privilege.



From: scentman
In the 60's i was profiled for riding my bike in the wrong neighborhood, in the 70's i was profiled for marching against abortion, in the 80's i was profiled for having long hair and torn jeans, in the 90's i was profiled for... i can't remember it was the 90's... and now i am profiled for trying to live the American dream... I feel so alone. :@)

From: Owl
I am not for any policy that permits LE to demand ID if I am not actively breaking a law. Now, if he/she asks and it benefits us both(like the example in the OP) to show him, I will.

From: Glunt@work
Wouldn't call that a Terry Stop. A Terry stop requires a reasonable suspicion that you are involved in a crime. Tourists looking at a train schedule does not rise to that standard in my opinion.

I really have no issue with police ASKING. No idea what the laws are in France regarding this.

From: Will
That's cool OP that the LEO checked in and was super helpful - seems that's how they are most of the time. Just Men and Women wanting to help society and go home to their families at the end of the day.

Given the amount of difficult situations LEO's encounter, it's no wonder they can be on edge during what externally looks like a simple Q and A session.

The police in France can demand identification at any time. In the US they can ask.

From: Beendare
OMG, I just had this discussion with my wife young cousin at a baby shower we had for her. She has a PHD in Women's studies.....and it goes downhill from there. She and her husband brag about not "Identifying with a gender" OMG...and they are having a kid.

She blurts to the whole ....."97 % of scientists agree on Global climate change..." and

"Police target Blacks...."

Profiling; I think someone like that^ needs to do a ride along with a cop in Detroit for a week. Make them walk up to the window of a blacked out low rider and see how they feel.

She is a about to do a study for U of W on something....I can only imagine the bias she possesses.

From: Thumper

Thumper's embedded Photo
Thumper's embedded Photo
I'm guilty of profiling, its just a fact of life. Everyone's knows them black SOB's will steal deer corn every chance they get.

From: JTV
Hey Bruce, let her chime in on here... we'll be glad to set her straight .... ;0)

From: Bake
Reminds me of my profiling when I was in Paris. . . . in 2004 I spent 3 days in Paris by myself, as part of a whole "backpacking through Europe" thing. . .

I don't speak a lick of French, and quickly learned that native Parisians weren't too helpful unless they wanted to sell me something. I learned to look for immigrant-looking types. They were usually only too happy to use their English and give me some help.

Now rural France was different. . . . While based in Geneva for a month studying, a couple of us took a train over to watch a leg of the Tour de France. The small town French were awfully nice to us

Bake, that matches my experiences in most of Europe. Citiots "distinguish" themselves everywhere, I guess.

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