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From: HA/KS
Today, I announced my retirement from teaching effective at the end of this school year. It was a relatively easy decision but one of the hardest days of my life. I have said that I do not want to be in the classroom a single minute past the time that I am good for students. Lately, each year has gotten more difficult for me to do everything I believe I should do at the level it should be done, and I cannot claim in good faith that I would still be doing the job at the level I desire by the end of another year.

Today was my last day with students this school year. I think it has been my best year ever and cannot imagine that one more could compare.

Some of my friends were there as students for my first day at of teaching. I wonder how they survived. I knew so little about teaching – except that each student was an important person that I hoped I could somehow help along their road to eventual success and happiness in life.

Each of my thirty-nine years in education have been a blessing, but it is time. I thank all of my students, their parents, and school colleagues. Each has contributed to my career and made my life fuller, richer, and better.

I have been blessed to work in four wonderful school districts. Each has its own personality and personnel, but each was a great place to work.

Debby was feeling bad that I am so sad to retire. I said that instead of sad, she should be happy that I am saying “I would love to do 39 more.” Rather than “Whew! I am glad that is over!”

I appreciate every student, parent, teacher, or co-worker who is or has been part of my life.

Congratulations Henry, and best wishes in retirement.

From: JTV
Now, its time to go fishing, and spend the fall hunting ... congrats on making it this far ....

From: pipe
Thank you . Thank you for being an educator... Wishing you the best ...

Henry, take your wife on a longboat river cruise from Paris to Normandy. You will not regret it. Congratulations and thank you for your service to the kids.

From: JL

Congrats and best wishes to you

From: casekiska
Congratulations and good for you! Sounds as if you were an excellent teacher, the caring kind, the kind our society needs more of. Your school will be a somewhat lesser building with you gone. Thank-you for your years of dedication to the students. Relaz, enjoy life my friend - you have earned it!

From: Woods Walker
Well done sir! You are a credit to your profession. Now enjoy the rest of your life, you've earned it!

I’ve always loved the bumper sticker that reads...”If you are reading this in America, thank a Veteran. If you are reading this in English, thank a Teacher”.

Congratulations on a long prosperous career. Im positive that your students thank you daily.

From: Bentstick81
Congrats! Henry. Wish you well with retirement.

From: Lucas
Congratulations Henry, Good luck with your next adventure!

From: K Cummings
Congratulations Henry.

We've never met, but based on your postings here, I have no doubt that you are/were exactly the kind of educator we desperately need more of today.

I also have no doubt that every student you had is somehow better for the experience.

Thank you,


From: Will
Congratulations, and, thank you for the service you gave to our country by choosing to become a teacher!

From: MK111
Congrats as you deserve a well earned rest.

From: elkmtngear
Amazing career Henry, well done Sir!

Enjoy this new chapter in your life !

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Amoebus
Do you plan to get on the sub list? I wouldn't think that would get you to the depth of teaching that you are used to. Maybe volunteer teaching with a different age or different group (special ed) would fulfill some of that longing?

I would suggest more birding, but that gets old too.

if we only had more teachers like you Henry. Best wishes on your retirement....I hope to live long enough to get to that point myself one day.

From: Bowbender
Congrats on the retirement, Henry!! I wish our public schools had more teachers like you. I know from a number of your posts you have made a tremendous impact on your students. Thank you.

From: Scar Finga
We lost a great one when you retired! definitely a loss to our education system. A dying breed for sure

Best wishes and God Bless moving forward!!

From: Owl
My family is replete with educators and each of them had one or more teachers that inspired them to enter the profession. I'll wager you did your share of that. And, if we are lucky as a society, they turned out like you.

From: Salagi
Congratulations Henry I hope you enjoy many years of retirement. From what I have seen on here over the years, you have been a solid addition to the profession. There is no doubt in my mind you have inspired many people as a teacher and administrator. You did more than teach a subject or two, you taught life.

From: Bowboy
Congrats and enjoy your retirement!

From: bad karma
best to you, Henry. The schoolkids in Hays, KS are worse off because of your retirement, and the kids you taught, universally better off. You improved a lot of lives.

Missed you here lately, HA! I am sure you will be missed even more there. Just as sure you will continue to help select people for a very long time to come! Godspeed, my friend!

From: Mike in CT

I echo the sentiments expressed here; you made a positive difference in a great many lives and that cannot be understated nor replaced.

All the best as you begin the next chapter!

From: HA/KS

HA/KS's embedded Photo
HA/KS's embedded Photo
Thank you everyone for the kind words. When I was a kid, I was taught that about the worst thing you could do was brag on yourself, but I am going to share words (mostly from students but some from teachers I supervised or parents of students) that have made my tough week easier to take.

"Congratulations! I don't think there is any way you could imagine the positive impact you have had on so many lives. I can't even begin to guess how many times I have been thankful for your investment into my life and the ways it influenced my future. I wish you many years of well deserved enjoyment!"

"Congratulations! You have touched many lives in your 39 years. Not all were students some were teachers like me. Thank you for all your support."

"Congratulations!! STILL the hardest tests I've ever taken through college and graduate school...but I think I learned the MOST from them!!"

" Congratulations on retiring. I'm sure some of us made your job tougher than others, and you handled it with impressive professionalism."

"Congratulations on your retirement! You have had a positive impact on many lives, including mine! Thank you! Enjoy your retirement; you deserve it!"

"Congratulations not many can retire from a profession and leave such a positive legacy as you are. Enjoy the years ahead !"

"Congratulations Mr. Armknecht!! It should be clear in reading the comments to your announcement how many of us who were lucky enough to enter your classroom, that you touched many lives. I enjoyed the time spent learning from you. Thank you enjoy the years ahead."

"I will always remember you being an assistant basketball coach my senior year. You didn't know much about basketball (and didn't pretend to) but was willing to step up and help because no one else would. You were willing to do it for the students. I have always appreciated that."

"Anyone can share knowledge, test, grade, etc...... an outstanding teacher goes the extra mile, on their own time, teaching you how to study more effectively, shaping excellence in character, helping you navigate obstacles, giving students the tools and encouragement to succeed. They meet you where you are, (try) to bring out your best and impart something much more valuable, true wisdom. This was my experience and I’ll always be thankful to you for that. You made such a difference in my life. Congratulations and best wishes on this new season of living!!"

"You’ve made a great impact, one that will continue looong beyond your final day in the classroom. A positive impact that will multiply as many of your former students have gone on to become teachers themselves. So very grateful you were once my teacher and now my friend. "

" Congratulations on your retirement. Still the BEST TEACHER I ever had...I had to STUDY. Thank you for all you taught me in class and how you were the BEST role model for me and all your students over the 39 years."

"I have always had passion for science. I’m sure it didn’t show as I was a terrible/distracted high school student the years you taught me. You might recall sending me to the office for writing "SUCKS!" on my eligibility sheet next to Physical Science class (because that was the rebel girl thing to do right?!? ). Teaching kids with “teenage brain”, who need structure and like to challenge/question authority at every turn is no easy task. Still you did it well, demonstrating patience and grace, though I am certain it must have caused you great angst at times. You kept going knowing we were all worthy of an education even if we didn’t know enough to appreciate it yet. And you did it your way – a unique way – which made it memorable to us all.

Please know not all was lost on those more challenging pupils. Like many of your former students, I sought out a science-based career path. While I hated dissecting that damn fetal piglet in high school Biology, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the human cadavers in college. Slowly I learned that the opportunity to be an educated female in the world was not a right many girls/women were blessed with. I am grateful for the education that afforded me the opportunities I have today. Thank you for not giving up on me and so many others."

".... But you should know that I considered you the best teacher I had through my entire education process. Your assignments were not always fun but they were always challenging and I commend you for sticking to your guns through student and parent complaining. The education system would be 10 fold better if we had more instructors with your passion to push kids that have the ability to succeed to that level in which you believed they could achieve. So thanks for pushing!! "

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