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Starbucks = Conservative?
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Glunt@work 15-May-18
JTV 15-May-18
JL 15-May-18
TD 15-May-18
Huntcell 15-May-18
Will 15-May-18
'Ike' 15-May-18
Tiger-Eye 15-May-18
Thumper 15-May-18
Woods Walker 15-May-18
Rhody 16-May-18
Woods Walker 16-May-18
Spike Bull 16-May-18
From: Glunt@work
Looks like some big left leaning businesses are finding they might share some views with conservatives. Seattle's new tax on big employers isn't going over well.

From: JTV
I still wont ever step foot in the place (Starbucks) nor even try any of their drinks...

From: JL
I'd never touch anything to do with Starbucks either....way too expensive.

From: TD
"Hey! I have an idea! Lets cut the goose open and get ALL her golden eggs right now!"

"That's a PutZ of an idea! Let's do it!"

From: Huntcell
How about Amazon, Starbucks and the nearly 600 others employers put a note in their employees next pay statement NOTE: $275 deduction to pay Seattleā€™s employer tax. Protect your wages and jobs vote for responsible goverment.

From: Will
Agreed fully JTV. Spendy, and, the coffee is not good - at least IMO.

From: 'Ike'
But, but it's for the homeless people!!! LMAO, welcome to our world Starbucks, Amazon...

From: Tiger-Eye

Tiger-Eye's Link
Their coffee causes cancer too. They want all that high priced coffee to go toward their bottom line and they don't care that it gives people cancer. And, they hate the homeless. Capitalists!!!!!!

From: Thumper
Coffee is a fuel, not a gourmet meal.

Now watch Starbucks will blame the Republicans for their higher taxes. LWL's are that stupid.

From: Woods Walker
Try going to a Starbucks and ordering a Michelle Obama. That would be a coffee that's black, bitter and way too expensive!

From: Rhody
Starbucks owner is a left wing loony. Wants to hire 10000 Muslim refugees.......

From: Woods Walker
Let him. I wouldn't drink a cup of his over priced battery acid if you PAID me to, regardless of his screwy politics.

This is fabulous! Sooner or later the Soros-Demons get so wacky that they alienate their own base. Their policies are very ineffective and very expensive and people just get sick of it!

Give them some more rope!

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