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Deadly new tick
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Spike Bull 16-May-18
JTV 16-May-18
Joey Ward 16-May-18
Huntcell 16-May-18
TD 16-May-18
Thumper 17-May-18
K Cummings 17-May-18

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With new diseases can kill in two days.

From: JTV
its is also known as the "PutZ" tick ... spreads lies like diseases, and is a true blood sucker...

From: Joey Ward
The lunar tick is the most dangerous, IMO.

From: Huntcell
Ticks get a bad rap. It those nasty things that hitch a ride in the tick that are culprit.

Just the same, I am all for reducing or eliminating the tick population .

From: TD
Poly ticks are right up there...... dangerous and the most disgusting parasite there is......

From: Thumper
I thought this thread would be about new LWL's.....:)

From: K Cummings
In my opinion, the most dangerous and deadly tick is the democratick.

Democraticks are small ectoparasites (external parasites), living by feeding on the blood, hard work and financial assets of other mammals. Democraticks had evolved by the Cretaceous period, the most common form of fossilization being immersed in amber. Democraticks are widely distributed around the world, especially in warm and densely populated areas.

Almost all ticks belong to one of two major families, the Ixodidae or "hard ticks," which are extremely difficult to crush, and the Argasidae or soft ticks. Democraticks are among the "hard tick" variety.

Because of their insatiable appetite for blood and money, democraticks are vectors of a number of diseases that affect humans. Among them are poverty, unemployment, corruption, socialism, malaise, and an a total aversion to work.


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