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From: DL

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Quite a gathering of guitar legends on stage.

From: Joey Ward
Two things......did anyone notice Jimmy Page wandered on stage, and, where's Jimmy Crespo?


From: spike78

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Then their is this one. Prince kills it!

From: Pig Doc
Prince could shred!

From: Solo
Yeah, those are some great ones fer sure. Here's an old one I recently ran across.....

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air - 12-28-1975 - (Winterland Concert - San Francisco)

It's too bad that John Cipollina (lead guitar), Nicky Hopkins (keyboards) and Dino Valenti a.k.a. Chet Powers (lead vocals) are no longer with us to put on a show for us now. But if they were still around they'd be in their 80's, so that'd likely have a slight impact on their performance.... :^\

Then again, we have guys like Lex "Shuteye" Price who still rocks out like a youngster at 76 years young, so ya never know... 8^)

From: Norseman
Good find, Solo!

From: Solo
Wow! Thank you for recognizing this special display of talent, Norseman. It is the best version of a very good song by them for all of us to enjoy throughout this time.....

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