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Glacier National Park advice?
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From: Heat
My wife and I are taking our 4 year old and my Mom to Glacier National Park around Labor Day. We are staying in a house in Hungry Horse on the west side but plan on doing a lot of exploring. I love fishing almost as much as hunting and although I've caught a lot of fish much bigger than trout, I love catching them on light gear. In AZ we have mostly stocked rainbows and native Apache trout and I have caught both but looking forward to catching some different fish in Montana. I think we are planning on doing a float fishing trip on the Flathead River (not sure which fork) one day. Any places to recommend that my 4 year old might be able to get in on the action? I am also looking for any other advice on things to do or places to see.

From: Amoebus
It would probably be a little too much for a 4-year-old, but we have fly fished Spotted Bear, Quintonkon and the South fork of the Flathead (up the Hungry Horse Reservoir). We caught Bull Trout on the Spotted Bear but at that time you couldn't intentionally fish for them. We also hiked/fished the Middle Fork of the Flathead right off of 2.

Not sure how this keeps your little tyke entertained...

if you see any better get a pic....there is simply no comparison between that park in the 1960's to what it looks like today.....


BIG BEAR's embedded Photo
BIG BEAR's embedded Photo
I just saw some awesome glaciers at Glacier Bay National Park.....

From: SmokedTrout
I'm partial to the North Fork. Stop in at Polebridge and enjoy some good bakery items as well as a cold one at the Northern Lights bar. Can access Kintla and Bowman's lakes from there (by car), and there will probably be fewer people than elsewhere in the park. Take the young one for a kayak ride on a lake he'll love it.

Make sure you hit Many Glacier and do the boat ride or a hike. I always see bears near there. Plenty of good day hikes. Top off the evening at the steak house in Babb for too big a steak for too much money ;)

Izaak Walton Inn in Essex is also a good dinner spot. Let Mom buy.

Highline trail leaving from Logan pass is easy. Pretty neat to hopefully just get away from the crowds and see lots of wildlife. You don't have to do the whole thing, just hike until you decide it's time to go back and you should see sheep or goats real close.

Fishing can be tough with the little guy. As well as some of the hikes. Keep him close and wearing a life jacket near the river. The Bull Trout get monstrous, but as Amoebus said you generally can't fish for them intentionally. Accidents happen though.

And make sure you carry bear spray and know how to use it. Mom and the wife too. Everywhere!

Other than that it really just depends on what you want to do. Sight see? Pretty much a given. You can drive until you can't stand it, or you can get out and enjoy some relatively easy day hikes. I'll be headed to Polebridge area in mid July and hopefully float fish the river three or four days. That area is good for the soul.

From: Coyote 65
I was about 4 when I made about the same trip. My mom had a cousin that lived on a ranch in Haley ID. So we went to visit from SW MN to the black hills SD then into the real mountains. Can remember the smell of the canvas tarp we slept under just as if it were yesterday. Went thru Yellow Stone, Grand Tetons and then finally up to ID.

Real memories were made on that trip like the big horn sheep that stuck his head in the car window. The burros crossing the road and begging for treats. Being hustled back to the car because a black bear was in the campground. Seeing the heads of elk nailed to the ends of the ranch buildings (Been hooked on elk since then).

Wish I could go back and do that trip (1950) all over again.


From: JL
We're heading there in July. Tried last year in June and that was too early. It was still snowed in.

From: Heat
Want to send this back to the top to see if I can get a bit more input. For those that have already contributed, Thanks!

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