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Waterpark molestations
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Good thing it will never happen here!

"Group Of Indian National Men Went On Child-Molesting Spree At Alabama Waterpark

June 2, 2018 ..

AUBURN, AL (Fox 40) – The seven men accused of conspiring to inappropriately touch underage girls at the Golfland-SunSplash water park in Roseville were allowed to go free on Wednesday.

They all still face charges of committing lewd and lascivious acts on children under 14 years of age, and must return to court on June 27.

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office said there was not enough evidence to formally charge the men on Wednesday, and requested more time to gather more evidence like witness statements and possible surveillance video.

The seven men were arrested on Memorial Day after reports they were grabbing and touching girls at the water park. They are Gursharanpal Banga, 34, Manpreet Singh Dhillon, 26, Lakhveer Singh Gill, 30, Baljinder Singh Khaira, 38, Balwinder Singh Malhi, 32, Dharampal Singh, 21, and Harpreet Singh Talwar, 18.

“It appears that the individuals who were arrested knew each other and worked in a coordinated effort to inappropriately touch several female juveniles,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday afternoon.

Roseville Police spokesman Rob Baquera says one of the girls was surrounded by the men.

Police credited the young victims and water park security for helping lead investigators to the suspects. Baquera commended the girls for thinking on their feet.

“These young ladies who were victimized, they had a great fast-acting thought to report it to security,” he said.

An alert 11-year-old knew a sketchy situation when she saw one.

“A couple of individuals that were giving her, in her words, ‘the creeps,'” said the girl’s father, Mark McKee.

McKee believes the men his daughter saw at SunSplash are the same men arrested Monday.

“She said they were moving in closer to her, they were looking at her weird and smiling,” he told FOX40.

McKee says his daughter isn’t a victim but he is proud of her.

“She did the right thing. As soon as the waves stopped she got out of the wave pool and came and told us,” McKee said.

The police department said the booking photos of the suspects will not be released because of the ongoing investigation.


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1 thought on “Group Of Indian National Men Went On Child-Molesting Spree At Alabama Waterpark”

Louis June 2, 2018 at 10:56 am | Reply

These POS SAVAGES need to be beaten unconscious, revived and beaten unconsciousness again!! Then if they are ever involved in another horrific crime like this, they should be EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY!!"

From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's embedded Photo
This Tool Needs To Be Employed Judiciously
Woods Walker's embedded Photo
This Tool Needs To Be Employed Judiciously

From: Anony Mouse

From: HDE
And at the base, not tip...

From: Bentstick81
Spike & Woods. I like your kind of thinking.

From: JL
I wonder if that is a "norm" or common in India's culture?

From: TD
Likely depends on what part of their "culture" you are...... if you are at the bottom of their caste system you pretty much have no rights.....

That actually happened here in CA!

From: slade
it's the same story Ike, Spikes link has it as Auburn, AL in Placer county.

It's Auburn CA in Placer county.

I’m slow today...Lol

From: bad karma
India is 40% Muslim. I'm sure that's a coincidence.

From: Treeline
I like WW’s idea. That kind of crap would come to a screeching halt if that were the punishment. Especially if it was televised on all the major news media.


Spike Bull 's Link
Arrested; 1500 pedophiles.


Spike Bull 's Link
"?Muslim supremacists are apparently acceptable; white supremacists are not."

From: JTV
and yet there are those that continue thru life with their heads buried and deny the threat ...smh ....

These nasty towelheaded outsourced bastards need to get the hell out of the U.S..there pure trash.

From: Yendor
Bad Karma. The % of Islam in India is actually 14.2%

From: slade
172 million Muslims India's Muslim population is the world's third largest and the world's largest Muslim-minority population. Officially, India has the third largest Muslim population next to Indonesia and Pakistan. India is home to 10% of the world's Muslim population. India has around 172 million Muslims

From: Will
I dont care what your religion is, if you are hurting kids, enjoy Prison. Ugh.

From: Trax
It is not just that they are hurting children, this and many other heinous ideals which are practiced are a part of the swine's culture. Not all practice them of course, but it is an integral part of their belief system. Systematic control of women and especially outsiders (infidels) comes right from the preaching of Mohammed, who was a pedophile himself. Not my opinion, historical fact. You have to understand, they see it as their right. You also have to understand these swine control the direction of their religion. Muslims who do not subscribe to the radical teachings and practices are considered infidels themselves, they remain quiet. That is how large radical groups like ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, etc come to power. What we are seeing more and more around the world beginning with right here in the USA is small groups of radicals slowly gaining a toe hold. All part of the plan, as other Muslims remain quiet.

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