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RIP Dwight Clark
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DL 04-Jun-18
Owl 04-Jun-18
slade 04-Jun-18
Jim Moore 04-Jun-18
Buckiller 05-Jun-18
From: DL

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Another ALS victim in football. People complain of how wussy football as become but when you see so many of them having severe brain trauma related diseases I don’t blame them for trying to prevent some of this. He was 61 and will always be remembered for “ The Catch”.

From: Owl
Very sad. Yeah, we all know Joe was throwing the ball away but you didn't just get lucky snatching that ball out of the air. I was 10 and remember exactly where I was when Clark made that catch - as memorable to me as when Reagan was shot and the Challenger exploded. God speed Dwight.

From: slade
RIP, Dwight was a class act.

From: Jim Moore
Ahhh... crap.

From: Buckiller
Tough stuff. I worked out with a pro who retired from Green Bay at age 40. He was 2nd string. His body was shot to hell. He regretted playing as he knew he would live another 30 years with a busted up body.

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