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RIP Dwight Clark
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DL 04-Jun-18
Owl 04-Jun-18
slade 04-Jun-18
Jim Moore 04-Jun-18
From: DL

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Another ALS victim in football. People complain of how wussy football as become but when you see so many of them having severe brain trauma related diseases I don’t blame them for trying to prevent some of this. He was 61 and will always be remembered for “ The Catch”.

From: Owl
Very sad. Yeah, we all know Joe was throwing the ball away but you didn't just get lucky snatching that ball out of the air. I was 10 and remember exactly where I was when Clark made that catch - as memorable to me as when Reagan was shot and the Challenger exploded. God speed Dwight.

From: slade
RIP, Dwight was a class act.

From: Jim Moore
Ahhh... crap.

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