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Bill Clinton #MeToo
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Bowbender 05-Jun-18
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AT Halley 05-Jun-18
From: Bowbender

Bowbender's Link
“I like the #MeToo movement; it's way overdue,” Clinton said on NBC Monday.

But of course you do, Bill. Since most people over the age of 35 still see "#" symbol as a reference to pound, I can certainly understand your attraction to the #MeToo movement.

Plus the statute of limitations has probably run out for most of his accusers.

From: JTV
Billy boy is in a world of hurt right now, with that book of his and Paterson coming out, questions have been arising over Lewinsky and all the other women he raped and molested (supposedly.... (lol)..) ..... he, like his wife just need to disappear from the public view, we are sick of them..... unless there are indictments ... ;0)

From: bowbender77
Clintons are TRASH ! imo

Mummy he didn't molest Lewinsky nor did he force himself on her. The affair was consensual. Not saying it was okay but she was into it.

Not sure where the mummy came from lol stupid phone.

From: AT Halley
Anyone accused in the #MeToo movement is automatically guilty just because (sarcasm). While Lewinsky consented in the relationship...old Billy Boy has been accused of sexual assault by numerous other women. Bowbender...your "pound" MeToo comment made me laugh.

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