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Trump ahead of the game, again.
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Spike Bull 06-Jun-18
Trax 06-Jun-18
Spike Bull 06-Jun-18

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Trump keeps tweeting out stuff months ahead of the rest which always get validated, sooner or later. Now this one saying Strok new about the Spygate scandal in 2015!

I love his tweets!

Sure he looks kinda dopey in some and he is definitely a personaility I would not easily befriend but he does keep the good times rolling!!

From: Trax
President Trump knows exactly what he is doing with these tweets. Sticking it to the liberal media and their blind dumb sheep followers with every tweet. The big middle finger to the stinking press reminding them that he doesn’t need them.

Ahead of the game with the Philly Eaglets too. As one Eagles fan said, some on the team called a trick play and Trump stuffed them!

To kneel, sit, pump a fist or protest in any way during the anthem with the flag flying high is to piss on the graves of the soldiers, firefighters, and police officers who gave their lives defending our freedoms and that flag. Only a truly blind and dumb sheep would refuse to see that fact.

Correct once again, Trax!

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