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More FBI Crap
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From: DL

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They can’t even monitor what their own people are doing.

From: JTV
the upper echelons of the Obama administrations FBI/DOJ are/were some of the most corrupt people around.....not only did they try and railroad Trump(still are) but they let the witch and others get away with multiple crimes ...

From: JTV

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an now this .......

From: HDE
obama's administration was a complete joke, from top to bottom.

From: scentman
When the left gets over their 8 yr stuppor and sees that the United States truly is remarkable, they will be calling for Kathy Griffin to hold his head... by the ears.

From: Annony Mouse
Rep. Gohmert: The FBI is Ordering Witnesses Not to Bring Documentary Evidence About the Awan Clan IT Swindle, So It Can Claim There's Nothing There to Investigate

(Note: internal links at link)

Major allegation to make.

I'm all out of "The FBI would never do that" cards.

Gohmert makes the charge in this speech, from about 4:10 to 4:50.

The specific charge is that Imran Awan would fraudulently make purchases supposedly for Congress, claiming falsely that they cost less than $500, which is the federal breakpoint for when you have to list purchases in inventory and, importantly, therefore when you have to report purchased items as missing.

Gohmert says that in "dozens of cases" Awan would buy something, supposedly for Congress, that might cost $799, but would claim it only cost $499, so that the item would never be entered into federal records.

Gohmert isn't clear on this, but I think he's saying that Awan would break up the $799 true price into a false $499 base price and $300 for "insurance" that wasn't actually bought, so that each individual purchase (I guess the base item and the insurance are each counted as separate purchases) was under the $500 limit. So he'd invoice for $799 of government money, but then claim the item cost $499 and the insurance cost $300, neither of which had to be listed in government inventory.

I could be wrong about that -- as I said, Gohmert is unclear on that and doesn't specify clearly the game going on with the false price and insurance "cost."

He alleges further that Awan would then send these items -- iphones, Ipads, etc. -- to Pakistani intelligence agents and police, I guess as gifts or maybe bribes.

Because he had claimed they each cost less than $499, he was not required to report them as "missing" when he sent them to his overseas buddies.

As regards the FBI: He says that witnesses in this case have documentary evidence of Awan's fraud -- the false prices he'd claim to keep the stuff he was buying off the inventory lists -- but the FBI keeps telling witnesses not to bring that evidence, and that they just want to talk.

So far, Awan has only been charged with a misstatement on a loan application -- and if Gohmert's charge is accurate, the FBI is deliberately avoiding seeing any evidence that would force them to charge him with more than that, and do additional investigation.

(continued at link)

From: JTV
sounds like something the FBI would do... I dont think the FBI/DOJ has changed much since the Obama debacle... the swampers are still at the head of it.... BTW, where the hell is Sessions ??

From: scentman
Been asking that for months J

Good link, Anony.

While Awan's crimes around ipads and such appear to be small time thievery what really concerns me is what this guy with full access to many Demons secret, classified, government and private dealings might have loaded onto those devices before sending them to his friends!!!

He could have given away unlimited government secrets!

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