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Liberal Judge! Wow
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spike78 06-Jun-18
JTV 06-Jun-18
HDE 06-Jun-18
Rhody 07-Jun-18
BC 07-Jun-18
Treeline 07-Jun-18
Mint 07-Jun-18
Mike the Carpenter 07-Jun-18
Spike Bull 07-Jun-18
MK111 07-Jun-18
From: spike78

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This judge takes the cake. Liberal MA judge gives immigrant probation for dealing heroin. Reason in his words was if he sentenced him to jail then he would be deported. This bs has to end. It is sickening that these liberals don’t mind criminals living here. Oh and he also let go a man from Maine that went on to kill a Maine cop. At least the idiots here in MA are looking to remove him from his bench.

From: JTV
well hell, isnt that the Idea.. to get these criminal pukes out of here ..... time to recall the friggin' judge !! ... it would be great if ICE picked up the scum as he left the courthouse ...

From: HDE
Arrest the judge and indict for stupidity.

From: Rhody
He needs to be disbarred and loose his judgeship.

From: BC
This is common place in the people's republic of MA. We're lousy with moonbats here.

From: Treeline
Hell, I would deport the judge. With that kind of attitude, he obviously doesn’t want to be in America! Revoke his citizenship and have the Seals drop him off in the dark of night on the beach of some beautiful shit hole country in Muslim Africa.

From: Mint
eventually the American people will take justice into their own hands when they lose faith in the criminal justice system.

Treeline...That would be a Turd World Country.

Yes, I believe you are correct, Mint. It has happened here many times in the past on a local level. I do not reccomend it but bad government certainly cannot get the job done.

From: MK111
In these incorrect decisions I think the Judge and Defense Attorney should be made to take the criminal home with them.

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