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From: slade
Thank you stretch face, she does more damage to her party then republicans.

From: JTV
be nice now, thats Lefty's and PutZ's great aunt ....

From: Owl
The Dems never had a solution for the economy. Pelosi is an oppositional gift - that rare adversary that so self-destructs the best strategy is to give them all the air time they are dumb enough to take.

From: scentman
I think Peloshis depends are overflowing and its backing up to her brain... you must be proud, lefty and company.

From: Shuteye
HIp Hip hooray.

From: Trax
And to think, Pelosi isn't even the dumbest member of Congress. The likes of Maxine Watters has her beat by a wide margin!

From: bowbender77
Pure Californication.

From: tonyo6302
"The likes of Maxine Watters has her beat by a wide margin! "

.. .. .

.. .. ..

Not to be outdone, Trax, but I give you Senators Kaine and Warner from Virginia.

Maxine has nothing on them - they just speak better, that's all.

From: Shuteye
Hank Johnson beats them all when it comes to dumb. He thought Guam would upset if the military landed there.

From: scentman
Scary part is half of America and the rest of the world, except Israel agrees with them. Sad.

From: Pat Lefemine
I hope she stays in Congress forever. I mean it. She is a gift to conservatives and everyone knows it. Sadly, she will be replaced soon as smart Democrats understand she is an embarrassment.

From: Beendare
Sadly, there are many liberal Dems that agree with else would she get elected?

Its embarrassing that a great country like the US would get enough people to elect Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Gives you an insight into how incredibly low the intelligence level is for the liberals in our country.


You HAVE to wonder about the people who vote for them.

From: South Farm
1000 years from now you can open that hag's coffin and she will look exactly the same as she does today..

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