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Best comment ever on Obama

"From the Daily Caller: When I look back at our son-of-a-Muslim ex-president, I see a man with an intellect no greater than a clever little street kid, the maturity of a petulant teenager, shallow in thought and action, convinced that he is bigger than the universe, and unserious about anything of consequence unless it had an immediate and direct benefit to himself.

There was nothing in his experience or background that prepared him for the Oval Office and it was painfully obvious. He was not a student of history, economics, business, finance, domestic or foreign affairs, nor did he have a rudimentary understanding of any of them. He was the first President of the United States never vetted before being elected, having no executive experience, and never fully assimilated into American culture.

I am convinced that he was, and is, a delusional and malevolent sociopath with average intelligence, a tribal mentality, and unqualified to do much of anything except read out loud to the ignorant masses about his misguided views on worldwide social justice and his profound disdain for the United States and Western culture at large. It will take years to repair the damage he has done to our nation."

From: JTV

From: bowbender77
That's him in a nutshell but he left out the race pimp part.

From: jjs
Heard Mark Steyn several weeks ago that said about the same except that George Sorro was the king maker and agree.

Who happened to have graduated from Columbia and Harvard but sure, average intellect! Ha! When you get your degree from an Ivy, maybe you’ll be qualified to criticize a Harvard graduate.

From: Bentstick81
You have a lot of room to talk, y f IMposter. All you do is LIE, so just keep your mouth shut, before you hang yourself, as usual. 8^))))

From: Woods Walker
He only graduated because of affirmative action. Same as his Nobel prize. And the article left out one thing.......Obama's pathological lying. He even makes the Briarcliff Baron Of Bullshit look honest.

From: TD
COOL! That is just awesome! In fact I would LOVE to look into Obama's college records..... but I can't..... in fact if you can find them PLEASE make them public. Because he did what NO other candidate running for the highest office on the planet has done..... spent millions to have his college past SEALED.

Good grief you are a lying sycophant......

From: slade
That's because his degree like his voting record in Illinois was " PRESENT"

From: JL
""Who happened to have graduated from Columbia and Harvard but sure, average intellect! Ha! When you get your degree from an Ivy, maybe you’ll be qualified to criticize a Harvard graduate.""

Dubya graduated from Yale but alot folks and the media questioned his smarts. I admit he could butcher the English language, but I think he was very intelligent and came into the office with executive experience. Prez Obama was 180-out. Very good speaker and can charm the spots off a leopard and a media darling....but he was not as smart as he thought he was and had no experience in business, economics, world affairs or the important executive experience.

From: K Cummings
In terms of intellect, the university one attends means nothing.


From: 7mm08
Bingo! Education has nothing to do with intelligence. Some of the smartest people I know have no college degree. Many of the dumbest people I know or have met are "highly educated".

From: shiloh
Over 70% of most millionaires were C students in school. Look it up.........

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