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Synthetic Deer Urine
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From: JL
Does anyone have any recipe's for synthetic deer urine for drippers? I seen this one on a search. I'm thinking someone here would have made some that works??

""Deer urine is used by many hunters to attract deer to a certain location in the woods or field. In this way, the hunter brings his prey closer to him so that he doesn't have to go looking for it. When urine and other deer scents are used, the main thing the hunter has to do is wait to see if the deer picks up the scent and comes to take a closer look. You can collect deer urine from a killed deer or you can make something that smells similar that will attract deer.

Fill a bucket halfway with urea. You can buy it at a farm supply store, since it is used quite often as a way to increase the nitrogen levels in fields

Fill the bucket with water to within an inch of the top.

Slowly stir the two ingredients to mix them. Be careful not to spill any. After mixing. leave it alone for 24 hours.

Put a funnel over an empty 1 gallon milk jug.

Use a 1 cup size ladle to scoop liquid off the top of the bucket and pour it into the jug. You do not want to pick up the bucket and pour because you do not want any solid pieces of Urea that are still in the bucket to end up in the jug. Fill the jug with eight cups of liquid to equal 1 gallon.

Add 1/4 cup of ammonia to the jug. Put the lid on and shake the jug to mix. ""

From: Shuteye
I know some top deer killers that pee on deer scrapes and say it works just as well as deer urine.

Just put some anisette and a little vanilla extract. Add water to get the right consistency. Then, let 'er drip!

From: scentman
After yrs of messing with lures, and thats what it is, i have come to the conclusion its not worth the hassle... best way to get a nice buck, during the rut,with them up wind. I never did use synthetics but a good method is taking some soil from a fresh scrape, cut a small piece of the lickig branch make a new scrape where you like.

From: JL
I use it in the drippers and spray it on logs and bushes for getting cam vids. That seems to keep a steady run of curious deer around, plus the occasional bear, yote and cat. A successful, synthetic homer mix would be nice and cost effective. The below guy is going after a dripper up in the tree. Looks like his return to earth may have been a little quicker than going up.

From: Woods Walker
I agree with scentman. I used them for many years and only had them work that I'm sure of 2 times, and they were both yearling deer. Then about 15 years ago I tried some Tink's Gel, and not only didn't it work, it spooked TWO bucks that came from different directions on one hunt! As soon as they hit the scent stream from the cotton wicks I had out they went on full alert, reversed course and high tailed it out of there. I stopped at the first roadside barrel I could find and threw ALL that crap away.....lures, canisters, wicks, etc. And I don't miss them.

What I started doing after that using my OWN pee in scrapes. It doesn't produce results every time (nothing does), but it DOES often enough that it's not a fluke. And I've certainly gotten 100% better results that I ever did with the bottled crap. My theory is that by the time the pre-rut/rut starts all the local deer in a given (bucks and does) area know the urine scent signature of all the local bucks and by that time the "pecking order" has been established. Now I come along and pee in a scrape (and my hormones are the same as a buck's) and when the local higher up on the pecking order buck checks it out he wonders...."Now who in hell is THIS SOB infringing on MY turf???"....and he attacks the scrape. Like I said, theory.

All I know is that it WORKS, it's FREE, and even I can't forget and leave it at home. And then there's the multi-purpose applicator that comes with it....... ;-)

From: itshot
not sure bout urine, but there is a guy on here that has made up bull $#!T for a few years could have him stand over a scrape and show a picture of obama or hillary and he might just tinkle a little

From: JTV
Lol ...

From: Tiger eye
If he could leave the multi purpose applicator alone when he sees the picture of Obama. Even he couldn't get it to work with a picture of Hillary.

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