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Going to the MN Trump rally
Contributors to this thread:
mn_archer 13-Jun-18
South Farm 13-Jun-18
DroptineDC18 13-Jun-18
BowSniper 13-Jun-18
From: mn_archer
Got a couple tickets to go see the POTUS in Duluth, MN a week from today.

Any other Bowsiters going?


From: South Farm
Where'd you buy your tickets? I'd like to drive up with my son and listen to Trump.

From: DroptineDC18

DroptineDC18's Link

Here you go South Farm.

From: BowSniper
I went to one during the campaign here in Maryland. It wasn't very good really. Trump was rambling and going off on many unnecessary tangents. Spent more than half the time restating poll numbers explaining how he got there, rather than making use of the time talking about what he would do once he got there.

I noticed the crowd was much older than I expected. Senior citizens that really made this country great, determined to take it back and make it great again.

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