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JL 13-Jun-18
Shuteye 13-Jun-18
Solo 13-Jun-18
TD 13-Jun-18
spike78 13-Jun-18
Shuteye 14-Jun-18
scentman 14-Jun-18
From: JL
I heard about this but didn't look into until a bit ago. To looks like he does wear falsies.

if you routinely shave off your eyebrows what choice do you have but falsies....

From: Shuteye
That darn Trump brow beat him.

From: Solo
"Trump brow beat him".... lol......

But hey, I think every workin' man should have an eyebrow (or two :) that act like a gate to channel those beads of sweat around our least when it's summertime. I sure could use that kinda help sometimes, dammit.......dat cheet hurts.

From: TD
Just a guess, but i don't think that one has sweated much in a very long time..... Maybe his real eyebrows don't go with his new party dress and high heels???

From: spike78
Cmon give the guy credit as he is tackling real world issues in Canada such as legalizing marijuana. After all that’s what matters the most.

From: Shuteye
Solo, what is really bad is when you have your hands full, sweat running in your eyes and you have sun glasses on. That is what was irritating me yesterday.

From: scentman
Trans Canadian ':o) ehe?

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