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Got a text last nite at 2300 hours from 48 year son from first marriage.wife took him at one year old.said he was being evicted from his apartment.he is on a workers comp from a so called neck injury from a trucking company he is working for.he has separated from a wife that had a son that threatened to kill him when married and even separated.first wife said his apartment was trashy and the three year old girl was plain wild.I have bailed him out of jail several times for drunk and disoreldery .I've checked his records,and bankruptcies and I've gotten lots of bill collectors calling me,he is a my point in time I don't need this drama.

From: Rocky
Box Call, I can decipher your problem: that your son has become an anchor around your neck, but your phrasing in your description and punctuation is all over the map, broken into disconnected run on's of bits and pieces. ..." and the three year old girl was plain wild"....?

The Rock

From: spike78
I’d run if I was you.

From: sleepyhunter
Your son is 48 yrs old, time to let him work out his own problems.

For this and the other problems you have posted, consider a professional. GL.

From: Grey Ghost
This ^^^^.


From: trublucolo
Agree with both Matt and Frank..... and that doesn't happen much ;-)

From: absaroka6
Take custody of your Granddaughter, raise her the right way. Kick him to the curb.

Trublu, Relish the feeling of being right since it doesn't happen too often for you;)

You know I am just kidding!

My other advice is for Boxcall to wrap all of these posts up into one episode on Jerry Springer.

From: trublucolo
"My other advice is for Boxcall to wrap all of these posts up into one episode on Jerry Springer"


From: foxbo
I don't see anything funny about Boxcall's situation. His son is in a world of crap at age 48. To tell you the truth, he'd probably be better off in jail for several months to clean himself out. Otherwise, he won't. You can't live someone's else's life for them, but at some point you just have to say enough is enough. Sorry for your pain.

From: Owl
Maybe you do "need this drama." God has a way of running us through the rinse cycle and wringing us out from time to time. But, judging by the aggregate of your threads, you may indeed want professional help.

I don't know what the kid's situation is but she is the first priority. If her mother is good people, I'd support her for the sake of the child. If not, I'd seek custody.

From: AT Halley
Box Call...your son is older than I am but in my opinion if you continue to bail him out time and again nothing will ever change.

From: MK111
Sorry to say all I see is a bottomless pit to throw good money into. The son is 48 and not going to change. I'd take the hard line and tell him get help and stay clean and I'll help you as long as your on the straight and honest. Otherwise goodbye.

Dan, I love you man. I really do. But, it is time to face the facts. Alcohol has caused you many pains and heartaches in this life. If you want to help your son, throw down the beer, show him a good example and, let him follow lead if he is ready. Because if he isn't ready to help himself, you can't help him. Give him a shining example. The rest is up to him. Let him know you don't want this in your life. And, to expect help, he must earn it by first helping himself. Good luck, pray about it, do your part, and God Bless brother

My oldest son's mother came running to me to bail him from the bill collectors maybe thirty years ago. His job was on the line because of collections. Bailed him out of that but told him and her not to come back ever again. He retired from that job when he got the 25 years in and now runs his own small business. He has never offered a thank-you. Needless we have never reconnected and I have grandkids/great grandkids I will never know. I told him then exactly how I felt and still feel the same way. He was taught to work/pay his obligations...not shirk them. By cutting the cord then maybe he realized his responsibilities as he did keep his state job until retirement. You need to cut the cord. It will hurt...I still hurt...but I will never reconnect...the son serves the father.

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