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Fauntleroy 01-Jul-18
From: Fauntleroy
Well folks I wanted to introduce myself as one of the new sponsors, but I'm not sure how to get my sponsor banner up yet, so we'll just have to work with this for now. I've posted here before under other handles that I can't get logged into anymore. You might have seen my sheep hunts that I did semi live. I found my Tendoy hunt, but couldn't find my S51 hunt. Maybe I'll dig a little more to see if I can't add that one my favorite threads on this profile when I get some time.

I'll probably be posting whatever bow hunts on here that I do this year. In order to promote the app, I didn't put in for anything other than preference points to see what I can get off the app or the leftover list. I strayed from bowhunting last year with work/family/life and went to the dark side last year for the first time in 15 years. Looking forward to doing some bowhunting this year. Especially since the wife lives in Kansas till 2020 on an 800 acre farm. With this new venture it gives me a better incentive to get after it.

Anyways, all the standard sponsor stuff. Follow us on Facebook/Instagram. Go to the website. Watch the YouTube video and subscribe to the channel. Gonna be posting tips and tricks for the app on our social media and YouTube so check in occasionally.

Other than that, I look forward to seeing a bunch of Bowsiters snag some cool tags with the App this year. I promise, getting a notification on your phone is gonna be a hell of a lot easier than refreshing the list on your browser every few minutes. And it'll give you a reason to be joyful that you have your work anchor in your pocket at all times. We even made it old guy proof so that our technologically impaired friends can get in on the fun.

The URL/Link Add-On feature wont let me put my links into the post, says I put them in the wrong format? Here's the necessary links to get more info and to get your download.

Big thanks has to go to Pat and all the Bowsite moderators. You guys are the best!

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