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Bottle water ban. Really?
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spike78 01-Jul-18
Woods Walker 01-Jul-18
JTV 01-Jul-18
Tonybear61 01-Jul-18
HDE 01-Jul-18
Shuteye 02-Jul-18
HA/KS 02-Jul-18
MK111 02-Jul-18
Brotsky 02-Jul-18
buckhammer 02-Jul-18
HA/KS 02-Jul-18
Owl 02-Jul-18
HDE 02-Jul-18
beebo 02-Jul-18
TD 02-Jul-18
From: spike78

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A town in my commie state has now banned water bottle sales really? All because of three high school kids. This state is unreal. Funny part is we recycle here also a state law.

From: Woods Walker
I buy bottled water by the case but 90% of the bottles are NOT single use, as I refill them and freeze them to use as "ice" in my cooler that I use for work. When they thaw I drink them. Who's to say what's "single use" or not? What's next, Kleenex? TP??? YIKES!!!

From: JTV
I dont "buy" bottled water.. I reuse my old Gatorade bottles and always have 2 or 3 filled and at least one in the Truck at all times ..... I'll freeze one or two and take it with me for use after a run or even when I go hunting, its there when I get back to the truck...

From: Tonybear61
No its not Kleenex folks, they are after toilet paper. Yep save the tress everyone will have to install a bidet or use their hands, or coins like civilized people do.

Yep they are not kidding....

From: HDE
If they want to save the trees then they have to give it up, not everyone else.

Ignore the idiots and carry on.

I don't personally find much use for bottled water. My wife is addicted to it though.

From: Shuteye
I don't buy bottled water. I have a well and that is the water we drink. I can't imagine having to pay for water.

From: HA/KS
The city water where I live tastes awful, so we buy drinking water at around 40 cents per gallon. Now that I am retired, I will have time to look into getting an RO unit installed. We had one at our previous home where the water was even worse.

The problem here is that water is very expensive and it may cost more to produce it at home than to continuing purchasing it.

When I am on the road, I keep a case of cheap bottled water in the car. At about 10 cents per bottle, it is cheap health insurance.

From: MK111
Stupid is just plain stupid and no way to get around it.

From: Brotsky
Send one of these granola munchers into the woods after a burrito from Taco Bell and we'll see how quick this no TP thing ends.

From: buckhammer
I have a free flowing artesian well in my yard. In the late 1800's it was dug down to a depth of 30 plus feet or so and the walls were lined with stone to create a shaft. It was then used to keep the milk from the cows cold till it could go to market. Once the cows were milked the milk would go into the old fashioned milk canisters that you now see in antique shops and placed one on top of another in the shaft. The weight of the milk would keep the cans submerged in the shaft.

The water in the artesian well and the well in my barn (that well is only 8 feet deep) is the best water I have ever drank. There is no comparison to anything else.

From: HA/KS
In this age, it is best to have your well water tested.

From: Owl
I buy it when forced by circumstances (bad planning). But usually reuse old containers. I freeze some for icing other my other water and lunch, then, when they thaw in our balmy 106 degree heat index, I drink them, too. Almost daily. FWIW, I also add salt and lemon juice to my recycled bottles of water. Wonderful for value added hydration.:)

From: HDE

From: beebo
I'm for it. The amount of pollution from plastic is truly unreal. If they want to continue bottled water just sell is in glass, or in cardboard.

From: TD
Yes, glass is so biodegradable..... and doesn't everyone have $25 stainless water bottles you carry around everywhere and high end filtration systems at your home?

How anyone could deny anyone such a simple live giving thing as water because it came in a plastic bottle....... that's not only lunacy...... it's PC elitism in all it's splendor and glory.....

There are folks around the globe where clean water is one of the greatest luxuries. Here we are whining about what the water comes in..... packaging in fact that makes it extremely mobile and dispensable in nearly any situation and logistics.... a packaging system that puts all others to shame......many of these people would laugh you out of town if they decided you weren't worth the trouble to tar and feather first.....

I have several cases of it in the garage for the next hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, SMOD, etc. I don't know what is more thoughtless, to deny anyone that simple survival/emergency preparation over some PC utopian dream...... or someone who has no survival/emergency preparation.....

The container redemption/recycling rate here is around 70% if I recall. That includes plastic bottles.

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