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ProREgressive fear comet true...
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Annony Mouse 01-Jul-18
From: Annony Mouse
One has to give credit to the nightmarish fears of the left for the simple fact that once they identify their latest fear, some red-blooded American genius will make it come true!

The AR-15 Chainsaw Bayonet Is a Real Thing, and It’s Hilariously Awesome

Remember last year when the pro-gun Twitterverse took down USA Today for including a “chainsaw bayonet” in its list of possible AR-15 modifications? The online magazine’s stellar reporting spawned a raft of excellent parodies, memes, and even some stylish apparel. Everyone had a good laugh and moved on, though some GunsAmerica commenters voiced their appreciation for USA Today’s creativity.

It turns out the chainsaw bayonet is a real product, and it’s currently available in its second iteration for the low, low price of $800. The “Killsaw” is being manufactured by a Nevada company called Panacea X, and the 20V, 10-inch saw is ready and waiting to be mounted to the picatinny rail of your zombie survival rifle.

The new model features a battery pack that can be attached to a gun’s stock (Photo: Panacea X)

The Killsaw is the new-and-improve version of the original battery-powered Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet. It features a battery pack that can be mounted to the stock of an AR-15, which will last users “about 20 minutes of serious sawing,” according to the product’s inventor, Robert Weir.

An even newer version will be available in September 2018, and it will allow users to attach the battery either to a rifle’s stock or to the saw for use as a standalone tool. The forthcoming version will also reduce the cost down to $350, Weir told GunsAmerica.

The battery pack also acts as a counterweight to the chainsaw.

“I had intended the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet was just to be promotional [sic], an item for the show, just to attract attention to our booth,” he says on his company’s website. “But after the second day, we could see from the smiles and the glee on people’s faces that if we did not manufacture them, someone else was going to.”

Weir used the opportunity to found Panacea X, a survival gear company that produces machetes and knives along with their “weaponized chainsaws.”

It isn’t immediately clear whether Weir intends the Killsaw for serious applications. His list of “Best Uses for the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet,” for example, includes both serious and comical suggestions:

“Killing” Zombies. ( Zombies are already dead so…?)

Best display! Mount a ZXCS on your tricked out assault rifle and have a guaranteed crowd pleaser/ attention getter. It is great for trade shows, gun store displays, gun room display, or even over the fireplace mantle at the cabin!

Drug Enforcement Agents can use it for marijuana eradication; and always be armed while cutting down the plants.

Marijuana growers can use it to harvest their crop and always be armed while cutting down their plants.

Off road motorcyclists, mountain bikers and hikers can keep the ZXCS in their hydrator pack and remove downed trees and branches that often fall across the trail.

Emergency evacuation. Cut through the roof if trapped in attic during a flood. Cut through wood doors and walls to make an escape too.

Clear your kill zone of pesky branches in front of your tree stand or blind.

Camping, cut firewood around deer camp while the ZXCS is attached to your rifle.

Be a B.A.M.F. at the next three gun match/Zombie shoot! Your character will always be remembered.

Mount the ZXCS to the peg board of your electric guitar and jam some serious metal!

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